Cheap Supermarket Fuel Could 'Cost You An Extra £100 A Year'

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Cheap Supermarket Fuel Could 'Cost You An Extra £100 A Year'

Supermarket petrol stations are offering a 'false economy' and could cost drivers an additional £100 per year, according to fuel experts. reports that while you might pay less at the pump, you could be buying an inferior product that will not do as many miles to the gallon as an equivalent, more expensive fuel purchased at a branded garage.

Jason Lloyd, managing director of Petrol Prices, said: "Many supermarkets get fuel from the same refineries as the leading brands.

"But it's a bit like budget airlines - they get you to the same place but with main national carriers you also get more, such as in-flight food and entertainment.


"Fuel is similar and some people find paying for unleaded from, say BP, over time means you get better mpg than supermarket fuel so in essence it's a false economy."

Legally speaking, all fuel sold in the United Kingdom is required to adhere to stringent quality control standards, but thereafter the quality can vary considerably at the top level.

Supermarkets have been engaged in a brutal price war that has seen prices at their pumps sink well below those of the Esso, Shell and BP petrol stations, often 4 pence per litre cheaper.


When you buy a cheaper product, however, the first casualty tends to be quality and it seems like this is no different with petrol.

A driver who hits 10,000 miles a year would be better served purchasing a brand that costs 2p more per litre if it affords 5mpg more efficiency.

Over the course of a year, the savings would amount to somewhere in the region of £100 per annum through fuel efficiency.


Even the higher priced premium brands of petrol - Shell V-Power Nitro+ and BP Ulimate for example - would fare better than petrol from the likes of Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's for drivers who travel more than 10,000 miles per year, despite costing almost 10p a litre more to fill up.

It is estimated that an extra 4 miles for every gallon of petrol used would negate the higher price at the pump.

It also goes without saying that higher quality petrol is far better for your engine as well as your miles per gallon economy rate, with a particular improvement noted for those driving higher-performance models.


With a healthier engine, you'll save countless pennies in mechanic's bills, too.

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