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Grenfell Tower Survivor Has Been Charged Rent Since The Fire

Grenfell Tower Survivor Has Been Charged Rent Since The Fire

It's not known if any other residents have been charged, too.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A survivor of the Grenfell Tower disaster has been charged rent since the fire, which killed at least 80 people, it's been claimed.

Coordinator of Justice4Grenfell, Yvette Williams, told Radio 4's Today programme at least one resident, who has recently received a new bank card and other documents which had been lost in the blaze, found rent instalments had been taken after the fire.

Williams said: "It's appalling, really appalling. Why is nobody at the local authority talking to them and asking what they want?"

Credit: PA

"You can't make it up - it's blunder after blunder."

Conservative councillor Catherine Faulkes said the deduction was taken in error and called it a 'tiny thing' before, quickly backtracking and saying the local council, Kensington and Chelsea, had given survivors social workers who would be able to deal with matters like this one.

In response to William's claims, Faulkes said: "Oh come on, that's a tiny thing - I mean it's not a tiny thing for them it's a huge thing and it's very upsetting.

Protests have taken place across London. Credit: PA

"But the council are in the process of trying to house 400 people. They've got people in hotels, they've got a social worker for every single family who is triaging them into a wraparound service.

"I'm very sorry to hear that's happened, but that person to whom that has happened will have one person connection they can go to to sort it out."

Credit: PA

Williams added that the resident hadn't spoken to the council yet because 'there is no complaints procedure at all'.

She said: "Survivors have no idea where to go, or who to take a complaint to. There should be basic public sector services in place - but there aren't."

Tributes left by a firefighter. Credit: PA

It is not known if any other survivors have had rent deducted.

The devastating fire killed at least 80 and has left hundreds of residents homeless, left with just the clothes they were wearing on the night.

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