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Only Seven People Have Taken On This Chippy Challenge And Won

Only Seven People Have Taken On This Chippy Challenge And Won

A large portion to say the least...

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

Any true Friday night only begins with three things: fish, chips and mushy peas (or alternate sauce of your choice). Add plenty of salt and vinegar and we're off.

But one chip shop owner is now offering to supersize that tradition, with what he believes is the largest portion of fish and chips in the UK. In fact, it's that big, only seven people have ever finished it.

John Haggertson, 37, owns Casey's Fish 'n Chips in Ossett, West Yorkshire, and hosts the 'whale challenge' which involves eating a 32oz Haddock, 15oz of chips and a breadcake (balm, butty, roll, cob - whatever you call it) and four sides.

Credit: SWNS

A standard chippy portion is a 6oz fish, 10oz of chips and the odd side.

The £11.99 challenge will win you a free t-shirt if you can complete it (which you will undoubtedly wear with pride), and the quickest it's ever been done is in five minutes and 41 seconds.

Mr Haggertson, said: "We have run the challenge in the shop for over two years but only seven people have ever completed it.

"We have had people from America cover over to try it. The best score is unlikely to be beaten unless someone gets a blender."

John reckons that an average of 10 people per week to try and take on the food gauntlet, with everybody stopping to watch and cheer on the brave competitor.

Credit: SWNS

Credit: SWNS

He added: "It's always the ones who think they will beat it that fail the worst. I urge anyone to give it a go and try to complete it."

Right, so a bit of reverse psychology and the possibility of winning a t-shirt. How are we going to go about tackling it?

Eat it as quick as you can before your stomach realises it's full? Plenty of liquid on standby?

John said: "The Americans often go for diet pop as they believe that this releases gas quickly which is surprising to me.

"Others seem to down a lot of slush drink or litres and litres of water. Everybody has their own techniques."

Credit: SWNS

The already seemingly impossible challenge could be stepped up according to John. He has plans to double the size of the fish in the future, following requests to make it even bigger.

"I have a 72oz haddock ready for anyone who wants to take on an even bigger challenge," John added.

"I have a competitive eater called 'Beard Meets Food' who finished our normal challenge in just 11 minutes.

"He has told me that as soon as I can get the fish in he will finish it. I wouldn't put it past him."

That's the biggest, but what about the best? Well, Papa's Fish and Chips in Hull recently won the title of the best chippy on BBC2's Best Of British Takeaways.

Credit: SWNS

To celebrate they even offered 10,000 portions of fish and chips for just 1p each.

"It's not about the money for us, we are here to give something back and to celebrate number one," said co-owner Dino Papas.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS