Jason Momoa Gif 'Wins' Bernie Sanders Meme Contest, Fans Say

Jason Momoa Gif 'Wins' Bernie Sanders Meme Contest, Fans Say

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Runner, Who Ran 69 Miles, Ends Up Covered In Horrific Blisters

Runner, Who Ran 69 Miles, Ends Up Covered In Horrific Blisters

For many, the thought of running 69 miles is painful enough. For Julie Nisbet, a 21-hour run wasn't the bit that hurt. It was the orange-coloured pus-filled blisters that appeared on her legs afterwards.

The mum-of-two, from Shildon in County Durham, was running the ultra-run known as 'The Wall'. The course covers Carlisle to Newcastle as participants run the length of Hadrian's Wall.

After completing, the 34-year-old, horrific sunburn caused more severe problems as small sacks of pus bubbled up across her red-raw calves.


Initially, whilst 'screeching in pain', Julie managed to cover the blisters in bandages before heading to hospital. However, the 'gruesome' blobs only grew larger.

One week on, the 11-time marathon runner is still in agony, having failed to realise that such blisters could occur from sunburn.

Julie told LADbible: "It's a different kind of pain: a thumping, pulsating, tight-pressure, sensitive, burning pain. It's agonising and uncomfortable.


Despite wearing protection for the run, Julie told the Mail Online: "I was wearing sun cream at the start of the race, but hadn't reapplied. Sweat and water had pretty much got rid of what I had on the back of my legs."

As temperatures soared to 30 degrees, Julie now realises the error of her ways. On her Twitter posts she tagged posts with the hashtags: #idiot and #sad.

But, maybe there is a positive. In one post, she wrote: "Once the next lot of orange pus has been drained from me leg's I'll probably lose another 4lbs."


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Speaking to LADbible, Julie said: "Some of the doctors have said this is some of the worst blistering they've seen in person. At the moment, to treat it, the bandages are being changed every three days for the next couple of weeks. The we'll judge the progress.

"They seem to think at the moment it will be around six weeks before it improves significantly."


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As for sleeping, she added: "Sleeping has been uncomfortable. And I didn't realise, until now, how often your legs get bumped, scraped and knocked. What a nightmare!"

It seems those living near the border, both above and below are suffering in the recent heat.

One man managed to put the 'fries' into Dumfries after getting second degree burns from working outside in the sun.

Greg Binnie is certainly putting the warning messages out there for those who don't use suncream.


He told LADbible: "I was through in Dumfries cutting grass all day on Saturday. In all fairness, I thought I was feeling so hot because I was grafting.

"I knew it was hot but didn't expect it to leave me looking like that.

"I was actually back working on Sunday in the same place, I knew I was burnt but it wasn't until I got home Sunday night that it started to blister really bad."

Well, lesson learnt, Greg will certainly be applying the factor 50 going forward.

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