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This Is The Moment A Paedophile Is Busted Waiting For A 14-Year-Old Girl

This Is The Moment A Paedophile Is Busted Waiting For A 14-Year-Old Girl

The apology will get him nowhere.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

It's as low as you can get. Chatting to, and arranging to meet, an underage girl for sexual reasons.

In the footage, Karl Banzyni, 56, is confronted by a man and a woman, from paedophile hunters Guardians Of The North, who explain that they've been acting as 14-year-old girl, 'Ellie'.

Initially, the busted Banzyni said that he didn't realise the girl's age, before it's explained that it is obviously on her profile.

We're then told that he has four Facebook accounts, which feature 'nothing but porn and young girls'.

Credit: North News and Pictures

"You realise the mistake you've made tonight, don't you?" asks one of the paedophile hunters.

Banzyni responds: "Give me a chance to get away with things, sir. Because I will not do this again. You can keep my phone."

"You've got no chance, you haven't got a chance in hell. Do you realise what child abuse does to children?" the paedophile hunter behind the camera fires back.

When police officers turned up he said: "OK, I'll hold my hands up."

He initially claimed, in interviews, that he just went along with what was an obvious set up, but as the questions continued he admitted to more and more wrongdoing.

Durham Crown Court have heard the case and learned how Banzyni explained how he would teach her how to kiss and asked her not to wear a bra when they met.

Credit: North News and Pictures

They were also told that Banzyni had agreed to meet 'Ellie' just two hours after the initial contact, travelling from Durham to Gateshead to do so.

He had a previous conviction, for assaulting a five-year-old girl, in 1984 where he served a three-month prison sentence.

Acting for Banzyni, Nicci Horton told the court that there had been no offending of a similar nature in the passing 33 years.

Nicci Horton said: "As I understand it, he told police he had been using that application for four or five months, communicating with other people, but he has not gone on to meet anyone, and, certainly, there's no other evidence in terms of unlawful grooming."

A suspended sentence was passed, with Banzyni told to address his issues on a sexual offender treatment programme.

Credit: North News and Pictures

The recorder, Ian Atherton, said: "You fell into a trap, because of those tendencies to try and engage in sexual behaviour with a 14-year-old."

Banzyni asked, at the end of the hearing, for his name to be kept out of the press, however Mr Atherton refused to do so, given the circumstances.

Another group recently helped catch a 92-year-old paedophile in Wales.

RAF veteran, Ivor Gifford, attempted to meet up with an 11-year-old girl for sex after grooming her in internet chatrooms. However, the girl didn't exist, and was in fact a fictional character made up by paedophile hunters, The Hunted One.

Featured Image Credit: North News and Pictures

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