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Family Builds Dream Six-Bedroom Flat Pack Home In Just Four Days

Family Builds Dream Six-Bedroom Flat Pack Home In Just Four Days

I had no ikea you could do this...

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

Now, imagine walking around IKEA, and at the end of the long journey through soft furnishings, when you hit the 'home' section, it meant actual homes.

A flat pack home has been built in Bridport, Dorset, after a family had it shipped over from Germany - and they got it up in just four days.

The Cooper family purchased a plot of 52-acres to build their home after deciding they had outgrown their old home in London.

Dad Richard, mum Nikki, and children Teddie and Stanley are to feature of the Channel 4 show Flat Pack Mansions.

Credit:Channel 4/Flat Pack Mansions

They already had a holiday home in the area but upon deciding to move over to the south coast of England they could not find a property which suited them.

It was then that they decided to purchase some land and build their own.

Richard told The Sun: "The great thing about building your own home is that you sit down with a piece of paper and you put down what you want, obviously within budget, that's why it's so brilliant."

With seven acres of garden, plus another 45 acres of forest, the family had plenty of space to build the property of their dreams.

Credit: Channel 4/Flat Pack Mansions

Richard added: "The house will sit here perfectly in these woods and I think it will be a pretty unique property."

Prefab homes can reduce the cost of actual house building by 10-25 percent. And in terms of time spent building the property, well, that's reduced significantly. It takes just four days to go from the ground to completion.

Windows, doors, and other details - right down to the light fittings - are already chosen before the house leaves the factory.

On day one, the first floor was put together, day two the second floor and day three the roof. The fourth will saw all the finishing touches added.

The family, who own a chain of pizza and cider restaurants, had pegged their initial budget at £700,000 but additional costs meant this eventually crept up to £1.2 million (it's alright for some, I guess).

Credit: Channel 4/Flat Pack Mansions

The best thing about it is that almost anybody can do it. Single mum Cara Brookins proved this when she, and four kids, built their house from, scratch by watching videos from YouTube.

It cost them £123,000 to build and they've been living there for eight years.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/Flat Pack Mansions

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