It's SATs Time - How Many Of These Questions Can You Answer?

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It's SATs Time - How Many Of These Questions Can You Answer?

For many of us, taking exams and tests is a distant memory. We did our time.

We pored over the revision books, we sat on a chair is our bedroom pretending to study - you might have even come up with a tune to try and remember stuff. Some of you might have cheated. This is BAD. You can get all of your SATs/GCSEs completely wiped if you do that.

However, that didn't stop one girl I know writing a load of answers on her leg, only to realise that she put down the answers for a different test. Yup, worst cheater ever.

Sadly, there's loads of you who still have exams to go in the future. Whether that's GCSEs, university exams, career-furthering exams so you get a qualification for your desk wall... they're never ending.


But are you smarter than a Year Six student?

Obviously, right? They're 10-year-old kids. They don't even know the truth about Santa yet. Well it's time to put your money where your mouth is and do this test. No cheating.

Not as easy as it looks, right?! There was me thinking that all the questions we'd find would be '2+2=' or 'What is a verb?'. Kids these days have it tough. Although I guess ours would have been just as difficult.

There'll be those among you who are feeling very smug right now because you scored 100%. Well done, have a cookie. Or tell us in the comments as you inevitably will do. Be proud. There's also going to be a few of you who hated every single one of these questions and didn't do as well as you'd have hoped. Don't worry. You're not in Year Six anymore. It literally doesn't matter.


If you're worrying about any exams, please don't. The only ones that REALLY count are the ones that take place in your second year of university and beyond. Well, obviously all your results matter... but as long as you pass, it's all going to be fine. And even if you don't, that's fine too.

Oh and don't be that person that thought they were going to get all 'A' grades and cries because they got one 'A-'. It just breaks everyone else's hearts. Okay cool. Good luck.

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