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IVF Kids Of Britain's First Gay Dads Reveal Luxurious Lifestyle

IVF Kids Of Britain's First Gay Dads Reveal Luxurious Lifestyle

Including a £110k Porsche for a 16th birthday...

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: Instagram/aspen_db

Millionaire couple Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made history when they became the first British gay couple to father children through IVF.

Now, their kids have revealed exactly what their upbringing has been like, and I'll tell you now - it's amazing.

Their twin son and daughter, Saffron and Aspen, were born through a surrogate mum based in California.

The twins are now 16 and fair play to them, they've had a sick life.

Aspen told the Mail on Sunday that he was given a £110,000 Porsche and a custom-made Rolex for his 16th birthday. The twins were also treated to a £24,000 party that included well-known DJs, a laser show and around 200 guests.

He explained: "Dad and Daddy have been incredible fathers.

"Dad and Daddy say their greatest achievement is having us and I'm proud of them as it wasn't always easy, although they have shielded us from any negativity.

"Like all parents they can also be a bit embarrassing at times. Daddy is very flamboyant. During school sports days he starts screaming and shouting, making himself the centre of attention. He's just so gay all the time.

"Sometimes it makes me cringe but I love him for it too."

Credit: Channel 4

The family are worth an estimated £38 million and have recently moved to New Jersey.

Saffron added: "Dad and Daddy can be very strict and they both vet my boyfriends.

"Daddy can be so embarrassing when he gives them a grilling and tells them to behave themselves, although Aspen is worse.

"He tells me who he thinks would make a good boyfriend, but I'm holding out for Justin Bieber."

The kids apparently have a 'good relationship' with their biological mum.

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