Little Boy Smashes Into Car... But Who Is To Blame?

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Little Boy Smashes Into Car... But Who Is To Blame?

Road collisions (and we say 'collision' because, if Hot Fuzz taught us anything, then an accident implies no one is to blame) can, at times, have a very fine line between who is in the right and wrong.

Only last week did footage of a lorry and a car colliding cause divided opinion as nobody seemed to agree who was in the wrong.

The incident, in Leicester, was filmed from a dashcam and shows initially the car undertaking the lorry, but, as the situation develops, seems to suggest that the lorry turned into the car. A proper beard-stroking moment...

But now, footage has come to light of a child on a scooter smashing into the side of a car travelling at around 30mph.


Likewise with the lorry clip, this video has prompted a debate as to who is at fault with some blaming the mother, or guardian, of the child, while others think the driver should have stopped.

Credit: PGGrant84/YouTube

That's right kids, it's time to go back to your hazard perception that you did to get your licence.


The footage, filmed by YouTuber PJGrant84 a month ago, shows the footage of the young boy smashing into the side of the black Audi.

Thankfully, the child appears to be uninjured as the adult he is with picks him up from the road.

At the start of the video, the black Audi can be seen moving down the road, approaching a residential area. As the car nears the crossing, a woman and three children can be seen crossing the opposite lane, moving to the island in the centre of the road.

As the woman, and two of the kids stop, one doesn't and crashes into the side of the Audi.


The driver quickly slams on his brakes and attempts to move out the way, but sadly still hits the child. After slamming to a halt, he gets out of the car - at the same time the woman moves the child out of the road.

Credit: PJGrant84/ YouTube

On YouTube comment said: "Lucky the child was wearing protection or it could have been a lot worse and the driver wasn't speeding just goes to show you how quickly things can go wrong."


Another said: "This could have been avoided if the woman held the child's hand crossing the road."

On the other side of the fence, one user wrote: "Driver ignored the hazard and failed to cede priority so is in the wrong, end of story."

Police said that they received a report of the collision but no injuries were reported nor has a crime been identified.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ PJGrant84

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