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Mum Begs For Help For Nine-Year-Old Son She Believes Could Be A Killer One Day

Mum Begs For Help For Nine-Year-Old Son She Believes Could Be A Killer One Day

A mum has opened up about her fears for her nine-year-old autistic son, who she believes could become a killer one day.

The violent nine-year-old, called Paulie, has had behavioural problems since before he was even able to speak, according to mum Caroline, 50. In the past he has attacked his mum with a cricket bat, broke his teacher's thumb and even stabbed a kitten with a fork, when he was aged just two.


Caroline, who has two other children, is speaking about her son in hopes to get some help. She believes he would be much better off at a specialist boarding school, which is able to give him the help and support he needs.

At his first school, Paulie reputation got so bad that some parents launched a petition to have him expelled after he 'went for' another pupil with a pair of scissors.

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Caroline said that during his violent outbursts he has threatened to kill her and his teachers, but that often they end with the poor lad begging his mum to kill him.


Little Paulie has been referred to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services four times and has had two police officers step in to ask social services to help, despite all of this, he still hasn't been offered a place at school that can help.

Caroline, who lives in Clacton in Essex, said: "If he doesn't warrant help, who does?

"It sounds terrible to say when, but he's tomorrow's psychopath.

"Psychopaths are without any empathy and are violent and that's him. He can't understand other people.

"If he doesn't get the intensive specialist help he will kill someone, which sounds like a terrible thing for a mum to say, but I'm just being realistic.

"Soon he won't be able to live with me.

"And when I know that early intervention is the difference between him going down that path and doing something far worse than hitting me, it's heart-breaking.

"It's not his fault. When I tell him or show him what he has done he just says 'why' and 'how'.

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"If something doesn't change then it will be Broadmoor. He'll definitely be locked up.

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"I am afraid when he attacks me. I keep knives and scissors out the way, but he uses anything to hand - coat hangers, football boots, chairs. I am scared.

"I used to think he would grow out of it but you can't go around stabbing people and beating people up in the real world.

"Paulie has now no school provision because the school said they can't cope.

"So now I have no respite as he isn't at school at all now. I'm a prisoner."

Caroline is now begging her local council to get him a place 'before it's too late'.

He was first referred to the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services aged two. It was here that he was first diagnosed with anxiety, however Caroline says she was told he would grow out of it. But he hasn't. Although he has 'average intelligence', Paulie is in the lowest two percent of children his age when it comes to social and emotional awareness. He was diagnosed with autism aged four.

His school expelled him after he broke a teacher's thumb. He also told teachers he was going to bring in a gun and shoot everyone.

Caroline added: "He has asked me to kill him. He has trashed the whole house. He has broken our TV four times.

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"It's like something just goes off in his head and he looks demented. He sounds like the devil - he becomes a totally different child.

"I just want help. I know it's about a lack of resources and money but him working his way through the criminal justice system that is going to cost a lot of money too.

"He needs specialist help. I will miss him terribly if he went to boarding school but you have to be cruel to be kind."

A spokesperson for Essex County Council said: "We understand the importance of creating the right environment for learning for every pupil and are working to complete an assessment to establish this child's educational needs, before finding the best available solution as soon as possible. We will continue to support the family in the interim."

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