The Great Gatsby Is Being Turned Into A TV Series That’s More ‘Diverse’ And ‘Inclusive’

The Great Gatsby Is Being Turned Into A TV Series That’s More ‘Diverse’ And ‘Inclusive’

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Mum Wins £10,000 On Horse Racing But Bookmaker Refuses To Pay Out

Mum Wins £10,000 On Horse Racing But Bookmaker Refuses To Pay Out

Betting. A little flutter? All or nothing? Cash out? A mug's game? How ever you view it, it doesn't half provide some drama.

If you do participate in a gamble every now and then, there's no denying the heart racing moment as you pray your horse jumps the last fence (you only picked it because you liked the name), or a third division Polish side need to score a late equaliser to pocket you hundreds.

Already 2017 has seen some big wins. One LAD managed to bag himself over £15,000 from a jammy £10 free bet. Leicester, Swansea, Liverpool, Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle, in various forms, his saviours.

Another, put $100,000 on one number on a roulette table - boy did that come off!


Yesterday would have seen millions put on the Grand National. Bookies pray something slips. In 2015, heavy favourite Annie Power fell at the last to save them a £50m in losses at the Cheltenham Festival. Their expected payout for the race at Aintree, on winner One For Arthur, is expected to hit the £5m mark.

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Speaking of Cheltenham, one mum thought she'd hit the big time when she backed a whole host of winners over the Festival week.


Kerri McKay, a 25-year-old mum, from Scotland, was jumping for joy as she won £10,000 on her Sky Bet account. However, she's yet to receive a penny from the bookmaker.

She'd picked seven horses in the 'Pick 7' game (pretty self-explanatory what you have to do), but the company says they won't pay out as there are four entries from her account, which breaks the terms and conditions.

She told the Daily Record: "This is nonsense. It angers me that they think they can get away with this.

"My gran often picks her horses from my house, or I do it for her, as does my partner's mum, who is disabled," she continued.


"There is no question of anything untoward going on here.

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Many gamblers only ever tell you about their winnings, never the losses. Kerri, however, admits it's not been a good year betting wise.


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"Let's face it," she said. "Sky Bet have been quite happy to take our money for over a year without any question.

"It's only when the win involves a significant amount that the shutters come down."

Kerri won five out of the seven winners at Cheltenham on the opening Tuesday, the other two horses came second.

But, when she logged onto the website, there was nothing in her account and it became suspended.


Kerri, who lives with partner Mark, said the initial problems, Sky said, were in relation to his debit card.

Sky told Kerri that the issue 'could be easily rectified'. The firm also asked her to send a picture of his card and his passport, but said it would not affect her winnings.

Sky Betting and Gaming has said: "By receiving multiple entries from the same customer, there has been a breach of our Pick 7 game's terms and conditions. We will therefore award the prize money to the runner-up."

Sky Bet has also said that the entries are traced from the same device, linked to the same account, and that, when the firm first spoke to Kerri, there was no mention of her mother or her partner's mother.

The betting company also says it wouldn't be fair to award the prize to Kerri when it says other customers have played by the rules.

Kerri is considering further action.

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