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Pervert Begs For Mercy After Being Caught By Paedophile Hunters

Pervert Begs For Mercy After Being Caught By Paedophile Hunters

He was caught trying to meet up with a 12-year-old girl for sex.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Praju Prasad had been talking to what he thought was a 12-year-old girl from Sunderland and had arranged to meet up with her to 'have some fun'.

But when he was waiting for young girl, paedophile hunting group Guardians of the North approached him to tell him he'd been caught.

The group filmed the non-violent confrontation, which shows the 24-year-old appear shocked and how he immediately began begging for mercy.

Watch it here:

Credit: North News & Pictures

The member of the Guardians of the North seen on camera says to Praju: "Please, just stay there until the police officer arrives. We have just rung your phone. You were here to meet a 12-year-old child for sex tonight."

Praju drops to his knees and begs for forgiveness but the paedophile hunter is having none of it. He pushes away the 24-year-old's hands when he tries to grab him and yells: "Do not put your hands on me."

The offender admitted to the charge of attempting to meet a girl under the age of 16 after grooming. He has, this week, been handed a nine-month suspended jail sentence, fined £140 ($183) and will appear on the sex offenders list for five years.

Text messages presented during the case show Praju grooming a girl he thought was called Julie. When she reveals that she is just 12-years-old, he replies with, 'Awww. U r only 12 [sic]', seemingly undeterred by her young age.

He proceeds to ask her whether she wants to rent a hotel room and 'have some fun'.

Text messages of pervert
Text messages of pervert

Credit: North News & Pictures

According to the Daily Mail, the Guardians of the North spoke after the case, saying: "This highlights the important work that we do. If this man hadn't been caught by us then he could well have gone on to abuse an actual child.

"We are not happy with the sentence. We believe that judges need to be tougher as this kind of offending needs to be stamped out before more serious crimes are committed."

There are several paedophile hunting groups spread out across the UK, usually comprising of people who are concerned about the safety of children in a certain community. They typically go online and wait for perverts to contact them, and when they do they make it clear they are an underage boy or girl.

Eventually, after gaining their trust, they'll agree to meet at a certain place, usually a bus or train station. And that's when these groups pounce on the person, telling them they've been caught out and the police are on their way.

Videos in the past have shown potential paedophiles caught with sex toys or other objects in their bags.

A legal case in April allowed these groups to continue operating, after lawyers for two alleged paedophiles complained that their operation 'diminished the integrity of the court process'.

Featured Image Credit: North News & Pictures