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Police Warn That '100% Pure' Cocaine Is Being Sold In Britain

Police Warn That '100% Pure' Cocaine Is Being Sold In Britain

White, stones, snow, coke, charlie, sniff... whatever you call it, cocaine is one of the most popular drugs in the world.

However, police have issued a warning to drug users regarding 100% pure cocaine.


It seems that there is a batch going around Britain which is, almost unbelievably, this strong. Although some argue this is positive as it means it's not cut with anything, the batch could kill users.

FRANK, a confidential drugs advice service, says that cocaine is often cut with a whole host of undesirable additives. This includes:

  • Food colourings or flavoured powder milk, which gives the cocaine a unique colour.
  • Other cheaper stimulants, which provide a cocaine like buzz, e.g. speed, and caffeine.
  • Other pain killers and anaesthetics, to simulate the 'numbing' effect of cocaine, e.g. lidocaine or phenacetin, which can cause cancers.
  • Inert whitish powders, which are inactive, e.g. baking soda.
  • Any other whitish powder, which may have unexpected side effects, e.g. laxatives and veterinary worming tablets.

Laxatives? Nice.

Detective Inspector Neil Ralph told Metro: "Taking drugs in any form is dangerous, particularly when the user does not know the purity of the drug.


"We investigate all drug overdoses and drug-related deaths and look to identify who has supplied the drugs and seek a prosecution."

This comes after cocaine users have complained about the new five pound notes as they've been 'cutting their noses' when they've rolled up the notes to do a line.

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They've called it 'Winstoning', as Winston Churchill appears on the note.

A cocaine user from Birmingham spoke to the paper anonymously and said: "I thought I was the only person to have had my nose cut by the new fiver.

"But when I told my friend how I was in agony he said I had been 'Winstoned' and it was happening to everyone."

He continued: "Everyone thought the new fivers were God's gift to sniffing at the start because they roll up perfectly and if you are sharing the note it is not too bad if someone walks off with it.

"Now I suppose people are realising if something seems too good to be true then it usually is."

These cuts can significantly increase your risk of infection.

The thing is, there has always been a risk, because snorting cocaine can make your nose bleed. If any blood falls onto the note, and it's then used by someone else, your blood can go up the note and into their bloodstream.

Obviously, this risk is increased if the note is cutting your nose as you're doing it.

Health charities have spoken out about the risk of contracting Hepatitis C through shared notes in the past.

Maybe it's time for a nice beer instead.

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