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Former Soldier Who Lost His Legs Can No Longer Be Treated In English Hospital Because He's Scottish

Former Soldier Who Lost His Legs Can No Longer Be Treated In English Hospital Because He's Scottish

A solider who lost both his legs after a bomb-blast in Afghanistan has been told he will no longer receive treatment in England, because he's Scottish.

Twenty-eight-year old Callum Brown still suffers with severe pain from the injuries he sustained six years ago, but he has now been told he will be losing the treatment and medication he has come to rely on.

The former lance corporal, from Ayr, had been being looked after by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, which has dedicated facilities for injured military personnel.

But at his last appointment he was shocked to be told he could no longer be treated there because he doesn't live in England.


He told the Daily Record: "I am sitting here without my legs because I fought for this country. This is the ultimate slap in the face. I am still in shock and can barely get my head around it."

Credit: Trinity Mirror

Callum is now worried that without the specialist care from Queen Elizabeth Hospital he may die.


He continued: "When I was down there, a senior member of staff told me that he was ashamed to say that they could no longer treat me there.

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"He said it was because the English NHS would no longer foot the bill for me there since I wasn't from England. I couldn't understand it.

"Last time I checked, I fought for the British Army. It is absolutely disgusting. This is a massive injustice.

"Even the member of staff who warned me that this was happening said the papers would have a field day when they found out about this. It makes me so angry, I can barely speak.


"I'm also receive a painkilling cannabis spray down there because I am in constant pain but it looks like I won't get that either."

He went on to tell the paper that, while he respects the NHS in Scotland, it simply doesn't have the capacity to treat his injuries, unlike the specialist centre in Birmingham.

He said: "We are supposed to be living in the United Kingdom, it feels more like the disunited kingdom. I had a British badge on my shirt when I was out in Afghanistan so how can this be happening? It almost seems like discrimination."

The trust who runs the hospital told the paper: "University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust have arranged two more follow-up appointments to determine the effectiveness of Mr Brown's latest cycle of treatment.


"If he needs further treatment within the trust, we would need to seek pre-approved funding from NHS Scotland."

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