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Conor McGregor Fans Surprised With Trip On His Private Jet To Vegas

Conor McGregor Fans Surprised With Trip On His Private Jet To Vegas


Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Many of Conor Mcgregor die hard fans won't be able to witness his bout with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas next week.

The price of tickets alone is enough to need to take out a loan, but with the cost of flights, hotels and spends on top of it it's just too much.

To go, a lot of people are wishing for a miracle.

Two of The Notorious' big fans have got that miracle, however, as they've been surprised with being offered flights to Vegas on McGregor's own private jet to see the scrap.

The pair, Lee Hammond, an up-and-coming amateur fighter, and Sergey Pikulskiy, his wrestling coach, are both members of the UFC man's Straight Blast Gym in Dublin.

They were brought to the gym thinking that they'd be recording a good luck message to their idol with his sponsor Betsafe, but they were shown a clip recorded by McGregor himself.

Credit: Betsafe

Conor said in the footage: "Congratulations to Lee Hammond and Sergey Pikulskiy of Straight Blast Gym - you get to fly on my personal private jet to Las Vegas to witness my fight on August 26th. Congratulations boys and I will see you there."

The two were picked because the Irishman believes they embody the special environment of his gym, the Mirror reports.

Hammond and Pikulskiy will take their seats on 'Notorious Airways' on Friday, a name created by McGregor and Betsafe for his jet.

The jet is exclusive, and will be used to fly a small selection of lucky attendees to Vegas, sampling a taste of 'The Mac Life'.

Credit: PA

The Notrious is known for being close to his fans, with his recent treatment of Mick Konstantin.

Konstantin went viral thanks to his song about McGregor, in which he heaps praise and love onto the fighting Irishman.

In an interview McGregor told MMA Fighting: "It was one hell of a song. It's a very catchy song. We actually reached out to the guy.

"I had my people reach out to him and we're booking him a flight, him plus one. We're going to bring him over to the fight and get him tickets and put him up in a hotel and I'm going to meet him maybe after the fight. It's one hell of a song.

"I'm going to bring him in as a thank you for the support. What a song, it's the journey in music form.

"Myself and my team, we enjoyed it very much, so we're going to fly him out."

Credit: Facebook / Mick Kontantin

On his Facebook page, since McGregor's interview, Mick has confirmed that everything has been booked ready for August 26.

"Cannot even begin to thank himself and all his crew enough," Mick wrote. "They really are legends, and will never forget this gesture. Really is the stuff of dreams."

The song has also been released as a single and is expected to be available for download and streaming soon.

Featured Image Credit: Betsafe

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