Dash Cam Captures Horror Moment Toddler Wanders Into Busy Road

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Dash Cam Captures Horror Moment Toddler Wanders Into Busy Road

Dash cams are handy for capturing odd or funny things on the road - who doesn't love a ridiculous argument between two motorists, for instance?

However, they also catch things you'd really rather not see - like this footage of a toddler wandering through traffic.

Leanne Richards's dash cam recorded the horrifying scene at the junction between Empire Way and Liverpool Road in Burnley, Lancashire. She claims that the confused child roamed the road, unconcerned by oncoming traffic, before a stranger came to take him to safety.


Credit: Mercury Press / Caters

Twenty-three-year-old community care assistant Leanne said: "I'd just finished at a client's house and was heading home. As I approached the traffic lights, I saw something was wrong as I noticed the little boy running in and out of the road.

"The cars were really close - if anyone had come around the corner he wouldn't have stood a chance because it's a busy road.

"Having a child of similar age ,it really scared me. I just thought his parents would be close behind somewhere but I never saw anyone.


"I was so scared that a car would come round the corner."

The boy, believed to be aged two, was not being supervised. Leanne pulled over with the intention of helping him, but luckily another woman had been alerted to the danger and ran to his aid.

Credit: Mercury Press / Caters


"I pulled up at the side of the road and put my hazards on," she said. "I was just about to get out of the car [when] I noticed that a couple had stopped further up and were running down towards him.

"When the woman reached him I felt a wave of relief that he was safe and out of the road.

"Her partner told me it was a scary experience. The lady who saved him took him straight back into the pub. I watched her take him into the pub then I set off again.

"I understand how quickly children can wander off, but to get that far? I don't understand why they hadn't paid closer attention to him."


As a mother herself, of a 15-month-old daughter, Leanne was truly gobsmacked by the whole ordeal.

She couldn't quite believe that any parents would let their kid venture so far out of sight.

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