Owner And Customers Caught Fleeing Salon On CCTV

Owner And Customers Caught Fleeing Salon On CCTV

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Katie Price Responds To Saying 'N-Word' Twice Live On ITV

Katie Price Responds To Saying 'N-Word' Twice Live On ITV

As of late, Katie Price has been trying her best to raise awareness over the cyberbullying her son, Harvey, receives.

The reality star has taken to Instagram to bring attention to the memes and comments people make about her son, and has made multiple TV appearances speaking about the matter.

In her quest to raise awareness and put a stop to it, she may have taken it too far, as she's said the "N-word" on live TV.

In a conversation on ITV's This Morning, presenter Phillip Schofield asked: "Are you saying legislation isn't strong enough?" She replied: "Is it strong enough to call my son a black blind n*****?"


She then said the word again, prompting Phil to tell her not to.

Credit: ITV/This Morning

Following the convo, which left people truly gobsmacked, Price took to Facebook to explain why she'd said the word.


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"So I've just been on This Morning, and I've made the headlines everywhere because I used the word 'n*****'," she said in the video. "Yes, I did use the word, because that's what people call my son. They call him a blind, n*****, black, s*****c, they call him a g******g, so I'm glad I've made headlines, because I want to get it out there."


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The former model urged people to sign the petition she recently created, which aims to make online abuse a criminal offence.

Writing on the online petition page, she said that trolling has become 'a major problem in this day and age'.


She added: "People of all ages and background suffer every day, including my family - especially my son, Harvey. I have tried my best to expose people and even had two arrested but nothing was done and there were no repercussions or penalties for this behaviour.

"This does not affect just high-profile people it affects everyone from every walk of life from young children, teenagers, people at work, husbands and wives. This abuse includes racism, homophobia, body shaming and a whole range of other hate speech.

"This petition is an important topical issue and I want it to help bring justice to everyone who has ever suffered at the hands of trolls. Help me to hammer home worldwide that bullying is unacceptable whether it's face-to-face or in an online space."

In an interview with Channel 5 news earlier this month, Price also revealed that she had been sent a video of a troll pretending to have sex with Harvey.

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