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Lamborghini Owner Sparks Outrage After Parking In Disabled Bay With No Blue Badge

Lamborghini Owner Sparks Outrage After Parking In Disabled Bay With No Blue Badge

But the driver claims he was told to park there.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

There are few things that truly pisses off the Great British public like bad parking. It's a bit of a national obsession; people can't wait to tell you (and sometimes show you) the 'dickhead who took up two spaces', we've even go so far as to create Facebook pages dedicated to poor parking - that's how much it annoys it.

So, I can only assume whoever parked this £250,000 Lamborghini in a disabled parking spot, without displaying a blue badge, has just thought 'fuck it, no one likes me anyway'.

The supercar was spotted in a car park in shopping centre in Bristol, parked in a specially marked bay with no blue badge on display, the Bristol Post reports.

Credit: SWNS

Ooo doesn't it make it you mad? There are people looking at these photos now who would genuinely bring back capital punishment for stuff like this - you know who you are.

But the owners of Cabot Circus car park, where the car was parked, weren't so furious.

The simply popped a polite notice under the car's wiper blade 'kindly asking that the parking regulations are adhered to'. That's it, no clamping, no fines. Just a polite notice.

However, the plot thickens, because someone claiming to be the owner of the Lambo got in touch with the Bristol Post to say he had been told to park there by staff so that this expensive car wasn't damaged.

He told the paper he was stopped as he drove into the car park and attendant advised him to park in the spot, because there is more space between vehicles so less chance of it getting damaged.

Credit: SWNS

He said: "I was quite surprised I have to say and was intending to park in the parent and child spaces as I had my son with me, but took the attendant's advice and parked where instructed.

"Now overall, I don't actually mind people having an opinion on how some people park their cars, but in this instance I did nothing wrong.

"There were dozens of disabled parking spaces available and I spent 30 minutes letting two young families sit in the car and take some photographs.

"When I returned to my vehicle, I was surprised to see the notice which had been put on my windscreen as I had been instructed to park there.

"I visited the parking attendant's office and when I told the attendant in there how I had been instructed to park there, he apologised and said his co-worker had not informed him."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS