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Liam Gallagher Says His Kids Won't Do Drugs At Glastonbury Because He'll Have Done Them All

Liam Gallagher Says His Kids Won't Do Drugs At Glastonbury Because He'll Have Done Them All

That's one way to do it.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Glastonbury is in full flow as it enters Saturday afternoon, welcoming acts such as Stormzy, Wiley, Craig David, Katy Perry, Liam Gallagher and Foo Fighters on the Other and Pyramid Stages.

Last night Radiohead headlined the Pyramid Stage, playing at Glasto for the first time since 2003, impressing the crowd with a huge set.

Soon enough revitalised rock star Liam Gallagher will take to the stage to perform some Oasis classics and some new solo material, an event he says he's 'steaming' for.


"Now is the right time. We've had enough of politician rock'n'rollers who say all the right things before going back to their nice houses," he told The Times ahead of his performance.

"I'm the truth juice, man. I'm a little aggy bastard and that's what it's all about."

This time round at the festival it's a bit different for LG, not only because he's not accompanied by either Oasis or Beady Eye, but because his two sons will be there with him.

17-year-old Lennon and 15-year-old Gene will be enjoying their first time at the festival, able to see their dad, as well as a few Grime artists who Liam revealed Gene is a big fan of.

However they might not be able to enjoy it as much as they might think because their dad has a strict policy on drugs.

Simply, they won't be able to take any - not because he's not letting them, but more because he'll have done them all before they get the chance.

"There are dickheads everywhere, aren't there? I certainly won't be hanging around with any celebrities," he said.

"I'll be holding it down in my own little spot. And my kids are coming for the first time, so I won't be taking mushrooms either. Not in front of them, anyway."

"Not happening, mate [his kids taking drugs]. I haven't got a leg to stand on, but they won't be doing it in front of me. Because I'll be doing it all. There'll be none left."

Wiley takes to the stage after Gallagher's set on the Other Stage, and Grime has been a frequent topic of discussion for the former Oasis man.

Last week he was talking to Christian O'Connell on Absolute Radio when the subject came up yet again. He's been asked before whether he'd consider getting involved in the grime scene - at this point he's yet to give a flat-out 'no'.

He took it a step further, though, when he rapped some lyrics while talking to Christian.

Having explained that his youngest son, Gene, is a fan of the genre, Liam went on to reveal that he's got some grime-inspired verses in his locker.

"I don't want to do a jungle album but mate, I've got some grime lyrics at the moment, man," he said, before rapping: "Our kid said you ain't road, the only road you sweep is paved with gold."

"I've not really heard much about it," he continued. "My little boy, Gene, he's into the Skepta stuff - I'm playing some festivals with him so I'll check it out this year.

"Lennon, me oldest son, he's into all the classic stuff - Beatles and the Stones and that... And then Gene is a bit of a Who-head, but he's into this grime stuff."

Skepta isn't there this weekend, but could LG get involved with Wiley? Maybe Gene will give him a push.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Instagram

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