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Man Drops His Phone At Restaurant And Makes Horrifying Discovery

Man Drops His Phone At Restaurant And Makes Horrifying Discovery

As Brits, whenever we go to a restaurant, we're on the look out for anything we can complain about. It's a part of our DNA, we're programmed to find the crap in everything. And then probably not say anything about it.

Sometimes though, places don't help themselves. They can make it really easy for customers to put in a complaint about service, or something like a chicken's claw sticking out of a burger can be seen. Usually that happens in a fast food chain, so when you're paying for quick, cheap food, it's half expected.


Somewhere else though, at a pub for example, you don't really want to find vermin around the gaff.

So you can imagine how horrified Will Robinson was when he dropped his phone at Brewer's Fayre, and ended up finding a dead rat when picking it up.

Credit: SWNS

The 22-year-old was searching around under his table when he came across the rodent, which was laying on a rather disgusting carpet.


"We put the flash on our phones to light up underneath our seats so we could find the phone and I saw this rat dead in a rat trap," Will said. "We called the manager over straight away and he told us there were traps because the farmers have been on the fields so the rats had come in.

"I thought the restaurant would have to close if there was a problem with rats."

Last thing you want after eating a plate of bangers and mash is to see that there's rats kicking chills around the place. At least if you find it before you meal you can get out of there sharpish and find somewhere else.

Of course, straight away Snapchat was opened and a video of the dead rodent was taken so everyone could know that Brewer's Fayre in Boston, Lincolnshire, ain't really the best place to go.

Credit: SWNS

Will and his pals were offered a free meal at the restaurant on their next visit, which is kind of like being beaten up by a bully and then offered the chance to be beaten up again.

"We won't be taking up the offer - none of us want to eat there again," Will said. "The discovery of the rat has put us off completely.

"Finding the rat was such a big shock. Seeing it made us feel physically sick. It is a popular place and a lot of families go there. It's not good at all."

According to the Food Standards Agency, it's been over a year since the place was inspected for food hygiene, with the last inspection being in January 2016.

A spokesperson for Brewer's Fayre said: "We are extremely sorry to learn of this incident and would like to apologise sincerely to these guests.

"We pride ourselves on maintaining exemplary standards of health and safety and this is completely unacceptable.

"We have conducted a thorough inspection and are confident that there is no evidence of current pest activity at the site. We are also looking into how this could have happened as a matter of priority."

Credit: Google Maps

Funny complaint

This guy, whose experience at a McDonald's is nowhere near as devastating as finding a rat, had a pretty comical complaint to make.

When you go to Maccies you expect only a few things.

First and foremost, you expect a burger. The quality of the burger is irrelevant, just so long as it comes quick, that's fine.

What this guy discovered after he asked for a 'plain cheeseburger', is the complete opposite of the first thing you expect from McDonald's.

I get it, some people don't like gherkins and shit on their burgers - but I also get the fact that they'd still like a pattie in between their buns - this McDonald's worker clearly didn't get that.

Alex Moran, from Bradford, ordered a 'plain cheeseburger' from the St John's branch in Leeds, and was only given a slice of cheese between two pieces of bread.

He was given a fucking cheese butty.

Credit: Alex Moran


Alex told The Sun: "I couldn't believe it. The first thing I did was show one of my work friends who immediately started laughing. I didn't take it back because I didn't have enough time left on my lunch. I was a bit annoyed at first but saw the humour in it."

According to Alex, he's ordered a plain cheeseburger numerous times before, but never had this issue.

He had to eat the 'McDoanld's equivalent of a cheese toastie' due to the fact he didn't want to go hungry.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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Man Drops His Phone At Restaurant And Makes Horrifying Discovery

Man Drops His Phone At Restaurant And Makes Horrifying Discovery

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