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Student Captures Lightning Bolt On Snapchat Just 20 Metres Away

Student Captures Lightning Bolt On Snapchat Just 20 Metres Away

Well, the bulk of summer came and went. A week or so of sun graced us, leaving us burnt from a few hours in beer gardens, and now we're left with that still-quite-hot-and-sweaty-but-no-sun weather.

In many places a bit of a storm came, reminding us that we do in fact live in Britain. You know, bringing us back down to Earth.


One of those places in particular was Devon, where lightning and thunder caused a bit of havoc.

23-year-old student Alex Sawyer, fascinated by the storm, went out to record it on Snapchat, only he got a bit too close for comfort.

He managed to capture the moment a huge bolt of lightning strikes just 20 metres in front of him and his friends, describing it as 'fire raining down from the sky'.


Credit: SWNS

"My friends and I were all watching the lightning and I thought, 'This will make a great Snapchat'," he said. "The next thing I know there's fire raining down from the sky. Torrential rain. We were right in the middle of it.

"[There were] a few damaged chimneys. Maybe a fire broke out. I can't be too sure. I definitely had to go to the toilet after I saw the lightning bolt hit the house.

"You don't get lightning like that in London, you see."

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Because of the bolt emergency services were called, with this being just one of several scenes they had to attend.

After the firefighters left Alex went back to finishing his dissertation as it's crunch time for students at The University of Plymouth and everywhere else across the country.

Recently, another Brit got a bit too close to some extraordinary weather, but this time it was in Corfu.

Tourist Kieran Dickson captured a 30 metre whirlpool on video while on holiday in Corfu, and it's quite something to behold.


It occurred just outside his hotel in the sea, and if you were there, you really wouldn't know how to react.

Credit: Storyful

"It was so surreal seeing the whirlpool we caught the beginning of it where it formed before it continued through the village of Kassiopi," Kieran said.


"I was so shocked I have never witnessed anything like this before and although it was probably something to be worried about it was amazing to witness."

Of course it's not the type of thing you expect when landing abroad, especially if you're from Scotland, home to some of the dreariest weather known to man.

Kieran alluded to this, writing: "Left the sunshine in Scotland and arrived to this weather in Corfu!" .

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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