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Asda Has Now Launched Candy Floss Flavoured Grapes

Asda Has Now Launched Candy Floss Flavoured Grapes

It is hoped they will get kids eating more fruit.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

Trying to 'jazz' fruit up is a little difficult. Chocolate raisins have been around for a while, as have the classic toffee apples.

Yet somehow, it's still difficult to contemplate being naughty whilst supposedly being good at the same time.

Well, now, this is Asda's attempt - they've introduced candy floss flavoured seedless grapes.

Credit: Asda

The fairground, carnival and seaside classic (candy floss that is, not grapes) are available in fruit form and could now be part of your five-a-day.

The supermarket has been experimenting in recent years with different fruits that are known for their sweet flavours - this latest addition is the work of some dedicated farming in Spain.

It is hoped to get kids eating healther - according to Alberto Goldbacher, the chain's grape and stone fruit procurement manager.

"We work with fruit growers around the world to source the new varieties of fruit like these," he said.

"People work a lifetime to perfect these varieties. They naturally cross one flavour of grape with another, using soft brushes like the ones you use for make-up to cross the pollen from one plant to another.

"It's very scientific - the growers know which chromosomes have the characteristics to mix with another of the varieties. It's not GM in any way - they grow exactly as other fruits grow."

Candy floss grapes join the ranks of 'bubblegum plums' which the store has also released.

"We're going through a really innovative phase of fruit growing where we're able to natural develop different varieties and bring something new," continued Alberto.

"We've got a few different examples in stores at the moment, including our really popular candy gloss grapes, with a gorgeous sweet vanilla taste, and juicy Grower's Selection king plums, which have an incredible bubblegum flavour and a lovely red finish.

Credit: PA

Ben Gregory, product development manager at Wyevale Nurseries, believes that this a 'lifetime's' work for the grape growers.

"It would have taken years to get that correct," he told LADbible.

"It would have involved a huge amount of trial and error, the breeders would have been working on that for years, almost a lifetime project for the people who work on this.

"You have to really know the genetics behind the varieties. It's a bit like children- they may not look like the father, but instead have resemblance to the grandfather. So, when they are looking back at the history of these grapes, they really have to hope that the dominant genes come through.

"It's a fantastic idea. Horticulture and agriculture is innovative, it is all a natural process, it is not artificial genetic modification.

"It's great to improve the taste and if that's encouraging a different demographic and more people to eating heathier, then that can be a good thing."

In a world when there is pressure on food resources, moves like this, according to Ben, can only be positive.

He added: "These techniques can improve resistance, and yield, particularly when we are under pressure to feed ourselves."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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