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Morphing UFO Over Cornwall Leaves Bystanders Baffled

Morphing UFO Over Cornwall Leaves Bystanders Baffled

What's the explanation?

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

A flickering object, that appears to mould and change shape, has appeared over the skies of Cornwall leaving bystanders confused.

It's led to conspiracies that aliens have visited the most south-western part of the country.

A number of clips taken by various residents and holidaymakers over the past couple of days have shown a shimmering black object in the sky morphing into different shapes and sizes.

Unlike a flock of swallows, which can be known for moving in large numbers and creating some stunning shapes, the object seems to shimmer - almost appearing and then disappearing.

The video below shows a compilation of all the weird goings on in the Cornish skies.

Surfer Kiefer Krishnan caught the movement on his Go-Pro, but he wasn't alone. Harry Wild, on Monday, asked if anybody had seen a similar object over the beach.

Shayne House, a photographer, wrote on Twitter: "What the?! Is this an alien spacecraft over the A30?"

The sightings continued into Tuesday with more social media users posting to question what they saw above them.

However, one of the county's most famous visitor attractions, The Eden Project were quick to suggest they had some involvement in what was seen, and it might not be UFO's after all.

Credit: Youtube/ Paranormal Globe

Credit: Youtube / Paranormal Globe

Credit: Youtube/ Paranormal Globe

The plant and exhibition centre are hosting a Journey Into Space attraction on July 27, and hinted that they had something to do with the black smudge in the skies.

A spokesperson for the centre said: "It's true we have a galaxy of ways to tell the story of space at Eden this summer. To coin a phrase... 'The truth is out there'."

About as clear as mud.

Earlier this year, SecureTeam 10, one of the world's biggest UFO bloggers, said an object that passed the moon was the biggest proof yet that aliens exist.

Credit: Instagram/white_lion_1991

Owner, Tyler Glockner, said: "SecureTeam10 owner Tyler Glockner said: "If you'll notice the way it's sort of moving sideways across the front of this beautiful shot of the moon here, which also makes it difficult for me to say that it's an airliner or a plane of some sort.

"Whatever this thing is, it's much farther up and closer to the moon than a commercial airliner."

Featured Image Credit: Youtube

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