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Woman 'Snapchats Own Car Crash' In Shocking New Campaign For Safer Driving

Woman 'Snapchats Own Car Crash' In Shocking New Campaign For Safer Driving

Police are trying to stop people live-streaming driving.



Derbyshire police have created a hard-hitting video to show the dangers of people live-streaming while driving. In the video, which was made using an actress, you can see a young woman singing and joking on Snapchat at the wheel just seconds before being involved in a serious crash.

The video is part of an awareness campaign called #Don'tStreamandDrive. which highlights the problem of people live streaming at the wheel.

A spokesperson from Derbyshire police told the Mirror: "Having a facing camera on your smartphone can make it all too tempting to film yourself at the wheel, whether it's to moan about the traffic, muse about your day, or belt out the latest number one.

Credit: Derbyshire Police

"Apps such as Snapchat and Facebook can then encourage drivers to send their videos and photos to their mates.

"But filming yourself while driving - or using your phone for anything at all - means you are massively distracted, and distracted driving can be fatal.

"Our message is don't stream and drive. Don't do a Facebook Live, don't send a Snapchat video, don't knock together a quick Snapchat story of your latest karaoke effort.

Credit: Derbyshire Police

"Put your phone away, keep your eyes on the road, and stay safe. If you don't, you could cause a collision that leads to serious injury or death.

"It's simply not acceptable to put your life or the lives of others at risk, just for the sake of sharing a video or selfie of yourself."

Although this video was made using actors, people have filmed their own car crashes in the past. In December last year, 20-year-old Olio-Rojas filmed himself doing 114mph along a busy road before crashing into a lorry and a concrete barrier and critically injuring himself.

In the video, Onasi is seen weaving through cars, while singing along to the radio, and driving along the hard shoulder. The car reaches a top speed of 116mph before the smash happens and the video comes to an abrupt end. The lorry driver was unhurt.

This awareness campaigns coincides with new harsher sentences for anyone found using their phone while driving - if caught you could now be handed six penalty points and a fine for £200.

Featured Image Credit: Derbyshire Police

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