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Airline Starts A Real Time Feedback System, Backfires Immediately

Airline Starts A Real Time Feedback System, Backfires Immediately

If a company provide the option for their customs to give feedback, they have to be prepared for the odd weird one.

Along with the weird ones, you have to accept that you're going to get slagged off.

Delta Airlines gave their customers this option, and well, as you'd expect, it backfired.

The airline set up 'Delta Pulse', which allows passengers to submit real time reviews in a survey. Despite what might seem like something that'd have benefits, the survey basically became somewhat of a bullying sheet.


Some of the flight attendants, of which the feedback was aimed at, posted the reviews, and then Savvy Stews published them.

"Ugliest flight attendant I've ever had but she was sweet."

"I think the red dresses worn by your flight attendants look horrible. They are skin-tight and completely unflattering."


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"The aisles are too narrow on your planes and my elbows kept getting bumped by the pudgy flight attendant who couldn't control the movement of her ass."

"I fucking hate this airline and your shitty flight attendants, especially the ugly ones on my flight today."

"You have too many old, worn out and overweight flight attendants on this flight. There are also a few who are clearly "alternative lifestyle". It sure makes flying Delta less enjoyable."

"The flight attendants on this flight were fabulous. What a nice change to have young, fresh, exciting crew on board instead of the old washed up ladies who are bitter and there just to get their money before they retire."


The airline said in a statement: "Providing valuable, constructive feedback to our flight attendants is our top priority and knowing this is a brand new survey system, we will continue to improve our filters to ensure they receive appropriate customer comments."

It's probably top priority that your flight attendants stop receiving comments about their looks and weight, which clearly have nothing to do with their jobs.

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