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12-Year-Old Is An Aspiring Tattoo Artist And He's Incredibly Good

12-Year-Old Is An Aspiring Tattoo Artist And He's Incredibly Good

Got his head screwed on

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

At the age of 12, not a lot of people have many ambitions. All that will come in time, but while there are PlayStations to be played, playground trends to adhere to and footballs to be kicked about, they won't be thinking about their careers.

However that's not the case for all young kids, especially Ezrah Dormon, who is a budding tattoo artist.

The 12-year-old has already inked 20 people with his own designs, the Daily Mail reports, with his mum the proud recipient of his first effort. The middle-schooler, from Panama, watched his mum as she had an image of a flower tattooed, and while messing with a tattoo gun he explained that he'd love to have a go.

The artist there at the time, Ali Garcia, offered Ezrah the chance to fill in some of the areas, and the obsession began.

Now, with Garcia as his mentor, his skills are improving. He hopes to one day be a professional thanks to his apprenticeship at the Honolulu tattoo parlour.

He calls himself The Shark, and has inked both his mother and father, as well as his maths teacher, usually practising on grapefruits.

"I was just getting that tattoo and Ezrah was just sitting there watching us and talking," his mother said, recalling his early fascination. "He was like, 'Wow, I really wish I could try that. I would love to know how to do that,' and Ali was, like, 'Well, why don't you try it now?'"

Credit: eztheshark via Instagram

The young lad is very appreciative of the opportunity he's been given, frequently thanking Garcia on social media.

He also knows that there's a long way to go and he's still learning, but has a vague plan for his future.

"Whenever someone comes to get a tattoo, they always have to know that I'm still learning, that I'm just an apprentice," Ezrah said. "So if they feel comfortable offering up a part of their body that I can do, I try to do my best job I can.

"I want to do something when I'm older that makes me really happy.

"What I want to do is travel around the world with my tattoo gun, or when I go to college I'll have that in my suitcase [so] that I can just pull out and give a tattoo to earn money."

He's got his head screwed on, this lad. Good luck to him in the future - he'll definitely go far.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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