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Passenger Films Car Doing 200mph Before Crash That Kills Him And Driver

Passenger Films Car Doing 200mph Before Crash That Kills Him And Driver

A shocking video showing a car travelling at around 200 miles per hour before crashing and killing both the driver and passenger has emerged online.

The passenger of an Audi R8 can be heard reading out the speedometer before the driver accelerates. It then goes on to pull off and dangerously overtake a lorry and car. The car also seems to be driving in foggy conditions.

The crash happened in Liujiang, China's Anhui province, on 28 January. The footage was uploaded to YouTube and has since spread across social media.


According to the Daily Mail both people inside the car were killed in the smash and were said to be thrown from the vehicle.

Photos taken after the crash show the car, which would have cost around 2.1 million yuan (£250,000), completely destroyed after the impact.

The footage has made its way on to social media in China and commenters were quick to point out the car's lack of number plates probably meant it was unlicensed.


This isn't the first time that a passenger has filmed the tragic moments leading up to their deaths. In December last year two teenagers live-streamed their own deaths on Facebook after being involved in an horrific car crash.

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Moments later the sound of tyres screeching could be heard and the video goes black, but is still running. It is picked up by a man minutes later and the filming ends.

According to police, the car was travelling very slowly at the time of the crash and a tractor smashed into the back of the vehicle. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

The footage remained online and the police used it in their investigations.

Just days before the fatal crash of Brooke and Chainiya, 20-year-old Onasi Olio-Rojas from Pawtcket filmed himself speeding along a busy road at 114mph before crashing into a bin lorry and a concrete barrier, critically injuring himself.


In the video Onasi is seen weaving through cars, while singing along to the radio, and driving along the hard shoulder. The car reaches a top speed of 116mph before the smash happens and the video comes to an abrupt end. The lorry driver was unhurt.

Featured Image Credit: Weibo

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