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Driver Falls Asleep At Wheel And Is Impaled By Two Foot Metal Rod

Driver Falls Asleep At Wheel And Is Impaled By Two Foot Metal Rod

WARNING: Graphic Images.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Car crashes are very scary. Just passing the scene of one on the motorway is enough to half your speed and grip the wheel tightly just to get to wherever you're going safely.

There are a number of warnings in place along roads, reminding drivers of what can happen if the correct precautions aren't taken.

One of the more common ones tells people not to risk driving while tired. The best advice given is to pull over, drink a coffee and have a nap while the caffeine gets into your system, meaning you'll be refreshed when you wake up.


However, if people need to be somewhere for a certain time this sort of thing will be ignored.

This driver, Piyush Sundarva, did just that, and ended up falling asleep at the wheel, eventually crashing and having a two-and-half-foot metal rod impaling his chest.

The road divider came through his windscreen in the Ahmedabad city of the western Indian state of Gujarat, but he somehow managed to remain conscious and miraculously rang for help.

WARNING: It goes without saying, but the following images are graphic. If you're squeamish then I suggest you go and watch Eastenders or something instead

Credit: SWNS

Paramedics rushed him to hospital, where Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon Dr Bhavin Desai and his team removed the rod while Sundarva was still awake.

The operation took two-and-a-half hours as they freed him from the pole and then stitched him back up.

"Pryush was saved only because of the people who separated the rod from the divider," Avdhut Kothari, Deputy General Manager of Shalby Hospital, said. "His liver was partly damaged due to the overall shock of the accident. But he will be fine after treatment. We will allow the fractured bones to heal on their own."

Credit: SWNS

He can thank his lucky stars he's still here. During the incident he did lose two fingers and suffered nine fractured ribs, but given the circumstances you'd probably say that he's gotten off lightly.

The man is reportedly still in Shalby Hospital, and won't be discharged until his condition stabilises, but as of yet there's no apparent time frame.

Don't take the risk people, pull over if you're tired.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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