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Drunk Guy Smacks Head On Kerb After Front Flip And Reveals His Skull

Drunk Guy Smacks Head On Kerb After Front Flip And Reveals His Skull

When out with mates, highly intoxicated after drinking God knows what, things always get a bit out of hand.

Let's all ask ourselves a question here - if at least one person comes out of a club and doesn't say: "Here, watch this.." or "Bet you I can do *insert ridiculous stunt*", then is it really a night out? The answer: no.

That's why lads across the world will probably find themselves with the odd injury the morning after a drinking session. A scrapped knee, or maybe a bruised elbow - but being able to see and feel your own skull? That doesn't happen to a lot of us.

Craig Mackenzie recently went viral due to his horrific injuries, which he posted on Twitter. Fair warning, this is VERY, VERY GRAPHIC.


Very intriguing indeed.

Speaking with Craig, he told us that it wasn't necessarily a thrilling tale, but just a case of drunken tomfoolery.

"Not a great story behind it at all, to be honest," he told TheLADbible. "[Just] don't front flip while steaming, and definitely don't use a kerb and your head to stop yourself."


Solid advice, in my opinion. Basically Craig had come out of Dreadnaught, a rock club in Bathgate, and then very valiantly offered to do a front flip as a 'drunken stunt'.

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"I was convinced it wasn't bad until someone showed me a photo, because it didn't actually hurt so like a [pain level] of two out of ten," he told TheLADbible. He was then taken to hospital where he got "a few stitches and was sent on his merry way".

Speaking about what it's like to be able to see and feel his own skull, Craig said 'it wasn't too bad at all man, I thought it was pretty cool', which ranks him highly in my estimations, to be honest.


Unfortunately, during the whole drunken front flip, kerb headbutting debacle, our protagonist lost his wallet. Luckily, though, he eventually found it.

Now, he can't post any media on Facebook without it coming with a graphic content warning.


At least he's seen the funny side of it all!

Featured image credit: @CraigMackenzie5

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