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Employees In China Forced To Drink Toilet Water As Punishment

Employees In China Forced To Drink Toilet Water As Punishment

Work can be a grim place, but it gets even grimmer when you fail to meet set targets, and repercussions are lurking around the corner.

Depending on your boss, you might get away from slipping up relatively unscathed, but if you're unfortunate enough to be managed by a power-mad bellend, then you'll know what it's like when the shit hits the fan.

You can thank your lucky stars, though that you don't work at this photography firm in China, where a common punishment for missing KPIs is to drink toilet water. Watch the footage below:


Surely this is highly illegal? Credit: Newsflare

In the clip, filmed in Guang'an, Sichuan Province, employees are seen scooping the water out of a loo, grimacing as they do so. According to reports in China the woman in the video had a bout of diarrhea later in the day.

The man behind the camera was reportedly detained for four days.

Weirdly, in China, workers tend to have frequent mishaps with the lavatory. This girl, though not suffering a fate quite as bad as having to drink toilet water, got her arm stuck down one.


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The woman thrust her hand down a bog in her workplace in southeastern China's Guangdong province, in an attempt to retrieve her phone battery.

Firefighters spent 40 minutes prying her free, eventually sending her to hospital once she was free, Daily Mail reports.


You shouldn't laugh, but, come on... Credit: Pear

She explained that her phone battery dropped down the loo, and her instant reaction was to reach after it. She didn't go on to explain how she dropped it down there, though.

Unfortunately for the unidentified woman, when the firefighters freed her arm the battery didn't come with it, forcing her to have to buy a new one for ten quid or so.


At the time, a local news media site, reported that this incident was the fifth of its kind this year in Huizhou city.

Not enough of mainstream media features people getting body parts stuck down the toilet, if I'm honest, especially in this country. It's about time we shone a light on it.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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