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Girl Pranks Boyfriend With Knife Prank And It Totally Backfires

Girl Pranks Boyfriend With Knife Prank And It Totally Backfires


The most modern thing that anyone can do is prank someone and video it. Nowadays it's a case of 'if it wasn't filmed, did it really happen?', which means we're treated to a plethora of clips ranging from the outright shite, to the fairly average, to the great.

Rebekah Eldridge from Milton Keynes is the latest in a never ending line of pranksters - playing a joke on her boyfriend, which actually ended in an awful way.

Covering her hands in fake blood, she calls her unsuspecting fella into the kitchen where she's set up a camera. Reuben Fiander enters stage left, takes one look at his missus' gored hands and begins to stumble.

He wobbles a bit, mutters "how did you do that?", then flops to the ground, fainting at the site of the 'blood'.

Credit: Newsflare

Obviously there's going to be comments on these types of things about them being fake, but honestly, who cares? If you are that bothered, you should find something better to do with your time.

After collapsing, Rebekah, who goes by ReuBekah Vidz on YouTube, rushes over to Reuben saying "babe, it was just a joke". He comes around and says "as long as you're okay," in the kind of slapstick comedy we're all used to. This isn't your first rodeo, is it, Reuben?

If you're after a properly funny prank, to be honest, this is what you should be looking.

Prank calls - a hilarious past time which tends to fizzle out once you're on the wrong side of 15, but is still equally side-splitting when you revisit and get it right.

This lad, Jordan Stringfellow, decided he'd ring a local pub to ask if they stock a certain brand of cider. Doesn't sound too funny, but just watch.

Credit: Jordan Stringfellow

Dicken's Cider. Cummin's Cider. Fucking genius.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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