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Girlfriend Pranks Her Fella Into Thinking She's Been Brutally Butchered

Girlfriend Pranks Her Fella Into Thinking She's Been Brutally Butchered

Erm, what?

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

We've all come to accept that we live in a time which is predominantly made up of more bullshit than genuineness. That's why whenever you're offered something or asked if you want to do something, it's met with 'Why? What have you done to it?'.

Pranks have gone beyond what they once were, and are only considered a success if the victim of the practical joke is left in a state of shock, 30 seconds away from a heart attack.

Take this girl, for example. While her boyfriend is out getting in the weekly groceries, she decides that upon his return she will make him think that she's been brutally murdered.

Credit: DK4L

You have to give her props for the effort, I guess, as she cakes herself in prosthetic, fake blood and litters the house with things to make it look like she's been butchered.

Despite all this, we must talk about how ridiculous it is to pretend you're dead to your loved ones. I'm not being funny, but my heart skips when a dog plays dead - if my girlfriend did it I'd collapse on the spot.

I mean, as always, there's a chance that it's all set up and said boyfriend is in on it, but that still doesn't make it any better because the idea is flawed in many ways.

The video ends with a rather underwhelming reaction from the 'victim' of the prank, who barely breaks a sweat in trying to revive her. She then laughs and it's all a bit anti-climatic - like the biggest pain in the arse is the fact that they now have to clean the entire flat.

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