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Gordon Ramsay Humiliated Vic Reeves For Ordering Two Fried Eggs

Gordon Ramsay Humiliated Vic Reeves For Ordering Two Fried Eggs

Vic Reeves is a man pretty much known for one thing - taking the piss. Gordon Ramsay is known for more than one thing, however, after his cooking, being an angry fucker is probably is most recognisable trait.

Putting the two together is certainly a recipe for disaster.


Over the years, Ramsay has worked with many celebrities, taking them on in challenges during The F Word, having them as guests in his restaurant and appearing in many TV shows.

However, just because they're famous, it doesn't mean that the chef filters his temper. If anything, he can get a bit more feisty.

Reeves, best known for his double act with fellow northern comic Bob Mortimer, isn't really into the whole entrée, smoked salmon, tiny desert garbage that you get from typical Michelin star restaurants, and so once on an episode of Hell's Kitchen in 2004 ordered two fried eggs for his main meal.

Now, two eggs, maybe with some bread or chips, ain't a bad plate to have in front of the telly at home, but for someone like Gordon Ramsay, who insists on a certain level of standard in his establishments, it's a bit of an insult.


Credit: ITV/Hell's Kitchen

News reaches the chef that 'some twat' is ordering eggs, to which he is furious.

Eventually, Gordon invites the Yorkshireman up to explain himself, which is pretty awkward.

Gordon asks: "You think I'm here to cook you a fucking fried egg?"

"I very politely told you I'm not here to cook you a fucking fried egg. Right now we're in the middle of serving, you're obviously on a professional piss take, are you that much of a pleb that you come out to eat in a smart restaurant, with good food and you order a fried egg?" Ramsay continues.

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Reeves replies: "I've got the onion soup, and I didn't really fancy anything else on the menu. So I'm kindly asking if I could have a couple of fried eggs."

It ends with Gordon kindly telling him no. Poor Vic didn't get his eggs.

Despite this annoying the chef, he is partial to a joke now and again.

He took a break from his typical temper, as well as going in hard on people's cooking attempts on Twitter, to pull a prank on Frank Skinner.

Making a fruit salad for the comedian while he hosted ITV's The Nightly Show, the Scotsman put his hand into a blender, which was then turned on, spraying 'blood' from his hand everywhere.

After it happens, Ramsay falls to the ground, clutching his hand, as members of staff swirl around him and Skinner hasn't got a clue what to do.

The studio audience had a big hand in pulling the prank off, as Gordon had told them what he'd be doing, and asked them to do their best acting. Bravo.

Credit: ITV/Nightly Show

Skinner says: "Some of you might think this is a joke but not from where I'm sitting." That means it was a very successful practical joke.

Ramsay then stands up and says 'gotcha', like a four-year-old who's hiding behind a door and waiting to scare their dad.

Practise what you preach, Gordon.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Hell's Kitchen

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