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Guy Goes On Mission To Get Loads Of Free Food On His Birthday

Guy Goes On Mission To Get Loads Of Free Food On His Birthday

What's a birthday for, if it's not for getting free stuff?

At the end of the day, when you get a card, if it hasn't got money or a voucher in it, you're not really reading it or paying any attention to it, are you? Yes, it's nice and it's the thought that counts, but if there isn't an accompanying present then you've pretty much just bagged yourself a free piece of cardboard.


You'll often end up with post, emails and texts on your birthday from restaurants and other places that you've registered your details, sometimes offering you some kind of deal or free stuff. Other places, who are kind enough, will simply realise it's your birthday and say "OOHH, it's your birthday?! This is on us!".

This guy, Josh, decided that he'd go all out on his birthday to get free stuff, going on a journey to various establishments that were willing to give him a treat for his special day.

He updated his Imgur account with the various gifts he received, calling it his 'Birthday Food Banaza' and 'Free Birthday Food Odyssey'.

Credit: AnotherAnotherJosh


"First stop was Dairy Queen, where the manager told me he's been there for 10 years and has never heard of a birthday deal at DQ," Josh said. "He gave me a free chocolate-dipped twist cone anyway.

"Next stop was Starbucks for my free birthday drink. It didn't go smoothly, and I had to call the toll-free customer service line to get them to add my drink. Got the drink eventually."

All-in-all he visited 12 places where he managed to worm his birthday rights on them, walking away with a total of six drinks, two ice creams and a host of fast food.

Credit: AnotherAnotherJosh

Continuing, he said: "Went to Honeybaked Ham for a free classic ham sandwich. I had no idea they even made sandwiches there. The service was great, as was the sandwich.

"Ben & Jerry's next for a free birthday cone. Got Chocolate Therapy ice cream, which was really good. Then went to La La Land, which wasn't as good.

"Steak 'n Shake was supposed to give me a burger meal, but the manager said they don't participate in that. She gave me a Red Velvet Oreo milkshake instead.

"Grimaldi's Pizza gave me a large pepperoni pizza. It was amazing.

"Krispy Kreme hooked me up with a chocolate-covered, creme-filled donut and an iced tea.

"Last up - Jamba Juice for a free Mega Mango smoothie. Had to have some health food to finish the odyssey. Already looking forward to my next birthday."

Credit: AnotherAnotherJosh

Riding along with him on his journey was his daughter, who kept track of all the things he picked up.

The pair employed a rating system for each place they visited, scoring them based on service, cleanliness, taste and how easy it was to get free stuff.

Starbucks appeared to be pretty hard to obtain free stuff from, whereas Honey Baked Ham was rather easy. Starbucks was also given a five service rating, which won't surprise anyone.

Credit: AnotherAnotherJosh

One man who knows how to celebrate a birthday, and 100% doesn't need to worry about free stuff, is former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

On his way out of the White House, he seemingly threw caution to the wind, as well throwing all the fucks he gives away, becoming a master of the mic drop, and so on.

As for his 55th birthday, it looked like it was one hell of a fucking party.

Source's revealed that Michelle Obama threw a secret bash for her husband, which will included the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Usher.

Page Six reported that Usher was the only musical guest who performed, but you can imagine that Jay Z was dying for a rap after a few bevies.


This shits all over my 18th when my parents rented out a tiny function room and the most high-profile guest was a gate crasher who felt like my birthday was the best time to sell laughing gas.

Anna Wintour, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres, Stevie Wonder, along with whole host of other celebs were reportedly at the party.

"The plan is to throw a party for the president to really let his hair down," a source told Page Six. "There will be performances and a dance party that will go late into the night. Social media will be banned."

His leaving do wasn't half bad, either. According to The Independent, actors Bradley Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson, chat show host legend David Letterman, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and Chance the Rapper, also be got their glad rags on to celebrate Obama's tenure as president.

They all be turned up in force to his final 'grown up' party, where Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Star Wars directors George Lucas and JJ Abrams also reportedly attended.

Featured Image Credit: Imgur

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Guy Goes On Mission To Get Loads Of Free Food On His Birthday

Guy Goes On Mission To Get Loads Of Free Food On His Birthday

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