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Guy Who Critiqued And Graded Ex's Apology Letter Suspended From College

Guy Who Critiqued And Graded Ex's Apology Letter Suspended From College

Bit harsh.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Any sort of break up is never easy. It's the way you deal with it, though, that helps you move on.

If you resort to sitting in your bedroom shoveling pizza into your mouth, crying and never seeing your mates, then you're never going to get over it. Whereas if you carry on as normal, injecting as much humour into your life as possible, you'll get over it a lot quicker in my experience.

Nick Lutz didn't mope around watching rom coms after splitting from his girlfriend, instead he looked for a silver lining. And this showed when his ex sent him an apology letter.

But, instead of taking it seriously he critiqued it and gave her a grade.

The letter, which he shared on Twitter back in February implies there was a lot of 'taking for granted' and some suspected cheating on her part, which drove him to ending the relationship.

In his feedback he claimed to appreciate the four page letter, though gives it a score of 61 out of 100, awarding her a measly D-.

In his final paragraph of feedback he wrote: "Long intro, short conclusion.

"Strong hypothesis but nothing to back it up. Details are important. If you want to be believed, back it up with proof.

"You claimed that cheating never occurred, but place blame on yourself - what for? Need to stop contradicting your own story and pick a side.

"While this gesture is appreciated, I would prefer details over statements.

"Revision for half credit will be accepted,

"Good luck."

The viral post has reared its head again, as Complex reports that Nick has been suspended from his college for the 2017 fall semester.

According to the Miami Herald his ex wasn't too big a fan of the mark she received and so went to his uni to complain about him, claiming he had cyber bullied her.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) reviewed the allegations and then decided to suspend him for the summer and fall semesters for violating the 'disruptive conduct' and 'harmful behavior' sections of the university's conduct code.

He shared a post on Facebook which shows his attorney going to town on the college following the decision.

In the caption of the post he wrote: "As most of you know, I graded an apology letter written to me, then proceeded to post it on twitter, where many people then saw it and reacted to it.

"Since that time, UCF then decided to suspend me for an entire semester with additional punishments added on top. It has caused much stress for my family and myself, this also violates my first amendment right to freedom of expression, no matter who agrees or disagrees with it.

"As a result, I am sharing this story to alert everyone, including the 60k+ students of UCF, that our school is deciding what posts they like and dislike; We should all be scared and stand-up to this type of action!

"We have appealed this decision by UCF and I hope for everyone to catch my interview for more information on ABC news tonight at 6:00! Please write to UCF or share this post to allow freedom of expression for all students."

Nick's lawyer wrote a seven page letter to UCF explaining the reasons why he shouldn't be punished. One of the main points is that the girl never being identified.

Courtney Gilmartin, spokeswoman for the university, said: "It's important to understand that the process in this case may yet not be complete."

Featured Image Credit: Nick Lutz/Twitter

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