Cat Completely Floods Owner's House After Learning To Use The Taps
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Is This The Most Savage And Fucked Up Prank Ever?

Is This The Most Savage And Fucked Up Prank Ever?

Right, so what we've got here is a video from a few years ago that's doing the rounds again.

It's essentially a prank war between these two blokes that is getting well out of hand. So out of hand in fact that this one is probably the most fucked up thing you'll watch on the Internet... ever!

Now, as mentioned, it is a few years old, which means 33 million people have already seen it. I am not one of those 33 million people so do excuse me for bringing this to your attention now.

Check this shit out...


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TikTok User Pulls Off Savage Where's Wally Photoshop Prank

Credit: ViralBrothers

Now, that's nuts. I can't believe how much fucking effort he's gone to just to get that done.

I mean, there's every chance this shit is staged as fuck, and that wouldn't surprise me, but even so...


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