Christian OnlyFans Model Who Earns £150k A Month Says Her Religion Won't Hold Her Back

Christian OnlyFans Model Who Earns £150k A Month Says Her Religion Won't Hold Her Back

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LAD Has Perfect Response To His Girlfriend Being Body-Shamed

LAD Has Perfect Response To His Girlfriend Being Body-Shamed

Sadly, body-shaming is a huge thing in today's society.

Given the advancement in social media, those that feel they can get away with abusing someone for their appearance has increased, simply because it's easy to sit behind a keyboard and ridicule someone.

Tre Booker and his girlfriend, Madison, recently experienced that type of unnecessary abuse. By his own admission is one of those guys who likes to plaster pictures all over Facebook and Twitter of him and his missus, expressing his love for her.

Nowt wrong with that, as long you're happy, fill yer boots, pal.


They're very happy together. So happy, in fact, that nothing can come between them.

After they'd been to their prom, uploading the obligatory tuxedo and prom dress snaps, some callous stranger tweeted saying: "Wow he loves you even though you're fat."

Lowest of the low, if you ask me.


Madison took a screenshot the tweet, posting it to her followers and expressing her disgust at someone she doesn't know attacking her appearance.

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A plethora of friends and strangers came to comfort the girl, telling her to ignore the troll and that she needn't lose sleep over the thoughts of people who clearly have nothing better to do.

Despite the reassuring comments such as "ur beautiful, and u slayed in that dress girl," and "miserable people never want to see genuine happiness in others," there was one comment Madison really needed.


This Lad Has The Perfect Response When A Bloke Slagged Off His Girlfriend

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And she got it. It was from her boyfriend, who had pretty much the perfect response to someone criticising his other half.

Other users were quick to praise Tre's response and his readiness to stand up for Madison.


Obviously got a good head on his shoulders, this LAD. Good on you, Tre.

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