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Man Dies After Going Swimming With Fresh Tattoo

Man Dies After Going Swimming With Fresh Tattoo


Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

In some cases, tattoos can be more trouble than they're worth.

If they're cheaply done, you can end up with types of skin conditions. Some go on to regret their ink choices - sometimes they just look awful. However, the least you expect is to die because of a tat.

An unidentified man contracted sepsis and sadly died after he'd gone swimming after getting a new inking.

The 31-year-old Hispanic man was told to wait at least two weeks before going for a dip, though he ignored the advice and went into the sea, the Daily Mail reports.

Credit: BMJ Case Reports

The religious cross on his leg was just five days old when he entered the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where flesh-eating bacteria infected the fresh wound.

The bacteria reportedly tore out chunks of skin and led to his death.

Experts at BMJ Case Reports wrote that he developed a fever, chills and a red rash, before his condition worsened over two days and he was admitted to hospital.

Thanks to the man's drinking habits, sinking six bottles of beer a day, his liver was considerably weaker and so was suspected to have caught the vibrio vulnificus bug.

Credit: BMJ Case Reports

He was given antibiotics, though just 24 hours later he was placed on life support, according to the Mail. He then had to battle septic shock, when the body attacks its own organs.

Two weeks later he was on the verge of being sent home as it looked like the symptoms had cleared up. However his kidneys failed thanks to the septic shock. Soon after he died.

If you get a tattoo, please listen to all the advice the artists give you. Don't go near water for a while.

Also, don't use tattoo removal cream. A woman was been left with horrendous scars after her tattoo-removal went badly wrong.

Rather than go down the traditional laser removal route, one woman, Pasuda Reaw, decided to use a tattoo removal cream to get rid of the ink on her collarbones and chest, according to

This was the tattoo Pasuda was keen to get rid of...

It started off well enough...

But then an infection seems to have set in...

And that's when the images get bad...

Eventually the tattoo 'fell off'...

Now, poor Pasuda is left with this scar, even three months on.

She's shared her photos to warn others about the dangers tattoo removal can carry.

Featured Image Credit: BMJ Case Reports