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Man Survives In The Desert For Two Days With A Lunchbox Of Beer And A Sandwich

Man Survives In The Desert For Two Days With A Lunchbox Of Beer And A Sandwich

Bear Grylls, eat your heart out.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

All the things you've learned from Bear Grylls - such as drinking elephant piss, eating raw bee honeycomb, diving in ice cold water, shitting on yourself to stay warm, using toenails as spoons and sticking your head inside a zebra to find out which way is north - forget it now.

There's a new survival expert in town, and his name is Mick Ohman.

Ohman, rather devastatingly, had his car breakdown in the middle of a desert. Baking under the Arizona sun, low on supplies and too far from any civilization, there was seemingly no way he could survive.

All he had was a lunchbox containing a sandwiches, a few dry crackers, half a bottle of water, and most importantly, beer.

Credit: ABC News

Mobile signal had deserted Mick, and so the last activity on his phone before he had his last meal was to record videos to say goodbye to his family.

He managed 48 hours on the lonely dirt track, eating his butty and guzzling his beer, right up until a dirt biker passed him.

Luckily he survived the horrific ordeal, but there's one prevailing message, sandwiches and beer is essential if you're to survive in the wilderness.

Credit: ABC News

"I've really never felt that thirsty before. When I tried to swallow I couldn't. My throat stuck together," he told ABC 15. "I had to urinate and I did... and I was surprised it wasn't as noxious as I thought it would be.

"The temperature was what got me, as warm as it was."

Mick was heading home from lunch in the town of Crown King, though the 55-year-old was undecided on the scenic route or the alternative.

He chose to consult Google Maps, which told him to drive down a desert side road, which in end won the battle against his Honda CRV.

Credit: ABC News

Stuck in the heat he left hand written notes on his car as he wandered off to find food and water, in the hope that passers by might stumble upon his car.

Luckily biker Troy Haverland came by, and Mick was able to flag him down and hitch a ride.

"Today, you can say you saved a life," Mick said to Troy, who took him home.

Doctors have given the 55-year-old the all clear, who now needs to work out how to retrieve his car.

Featured Image Credit: ABC News

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