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Millionaire Playboy Has Yacht And Properties Seized By Creditors

Millionaire Playboy Has Yacht And Properties Seized By Creditors


Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

You may have heard of Gianluca Vacchi. He's pretty much an older version of Dan Bilzerian, as in he's made a lot of money, has a better life than most us and flaunts it all on Instagram.

Apparently the 50-year-old has 11 million followers, which he isn't shy to in anyway, but he's had a rather embarrassing run-in with creditors recently.

The Playboy reportedly had his yacht and several properties seized, which made his followers fairly content and happy, because he's in €10.5m (£9.5m) worth of debt, the Independent reports.

He's the heir to the pharmaceutical company the IMA group, which is his family's business. He retired from working there after 20 years, claiming he wanted to "focus on himself," writing a book called '#Enjoy'.

The company is reportedly ran by cousins at the moment, and pays him five million Euros a year. However, people have questioned whether or not he's struggling with his finances, claims which he dismissed saying "it is just a little debt."

Because of his current situation parody accounts have appeared online mocking Vacchi, such as 'Find Gianluca Vacchi a job' on Facebook. However rather than posing next to lush pools, on yatchs and with celebrities, people have posted Photoshopped pictures of him in paddling pools and pedalos, Independent reports.

According to thelocal pledges of just five Euros had been paid to an appeal for funds to pay off his debt.

According to Italian publication Quotidiano, so far he's had a yacht, a few of his villas and his shares in the Casalunga Golf Club seized over a 10.5 million Euros (£9.5m) debt, which is a fairly big kick in the teeth. At least he had that stuff to begin with, most of us are in debt for a one bedroom flat, petrol money and Ubers.

Poor guy, bet he's wiping away his tears with 50s.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram