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More People Die On January 1 Than Any Other Time Of Year According To Research

More People Die On January 1 Than Any Other Time Of Year According To Research

The chances are that this morning you woke up very close to death after a heavy night of drinking with a countdown in the middle of it. If you weren't close to the grim reaper, you presumably wanted it to embrace the evening and remember something.

It all goes hand-in-hand, to be honest, as, according to research, January 1 is the most dangerous day of the year.

Now, given that 2016 has ended and the whole 'damn you 2016!' bullshit can finally stop, it's a shame that people now have an excuse to roll up some shite patter about 2017 and put it in a Tweet.

Researchers at the University of California conducted a study collecting data about the rate of deaths over the Christmas period. They found out that deaths spike for two weeks in the new year, but the first day of the new year is the time you're most likely to die of natural causes, according to the study.


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For some reason, some miserable bastard who obviously had a deadline to meet decided he'd look at death certificates issued over a period of 25 years in the US, because why do you need mates?

There is an increase in deaths caused by self harm, accidents, and homicide around this time, but dying of natural causes - illness, old age and disease - is also significantly higher. Five percent higher, in fact.


"This pattern turns up in every natural cause of death, but not for external causes like auto accidents," David Phillips, one of the authors, told Washington Post. "It's hard to understand why that would be."

Basically, there's no explanation to why this trend occurs, but apparently it's good to have the knowledge.

Happy fucking new year.

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