Joe Biden Releases His 2019 Tax Returns Head Of Presidential Debate With Donald Trump
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People Are Believing The US Election Is 'Rigged' Because Of This Magazine

People Are Believing The US Election Is 'Rigged' Because Of This Magazine

Everyone, including us Brits, are caught up in the drama of the US election. The race to be the next president on the United States is, in Laymen's terms, currently a clusterfuck.

People hate Trump, people hate Clinton. Trump comes under fire for sexual misconduct, Clinton is investigated by the FBI. Trump wants to build a wall, Clinton's daughter reportedly uses charity resources to fund her wedding. It's basically a case of a lesser of two evils taking over from Obama.

It's anyone's guess who'll win, but an American bookstore allegedly already has the answer.

The said shop is reportedly already stocking copies of a Newsweek magazine that runs with the headline 'Madam President' and documents her journey to the White House.


People seem to believe that this means that the election is 'rigged'.

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The things you can believe when it comes to this, are that: A) This is fake, or B) A Photoshop worthy of an award, or C) There is a copy of this for Clinton, and another for Trump, ready for whenever it needs to be released.

For those struggling to work out which is correct, I'll answer it for you: It's C.


Obviously, though, the original tweet about Clinton was posted on Twitter, so the majority of people took it as gospel because they take everything that is put on social media too seriously.

It's not 'fixed', get on with your life.

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