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Someone Believes There's A Dark Underlying Meaning In Melania Trump's Photos

Someone Believes There's A Dark Underlying Meaning In Melania Trump's Photos

Someone has taken a look at the pictures shared by Melania Trump, and they believe that there's a dark underlying meaning to them.

The wife of President Trump has shared 470 images on Twitter between 2012 and 2015 according to Kate Imbach. She decided to analyse them, finding that out of those almost 500 pictures, Donald only features in one with her that she's taken herself.


What immediately jumps out at Katie, though, is that there is a lot of photos from Trump Tower.

"We all have a tendency to repeat the same imagery in our photography," she wrote.

"It's part of having an eye. But, knowing what we know now, that these photographs were taken by a woman who is shirking the responsibilities of first lady in favor of suing the Daily Mail over the damage they've done to her 'brand' by claiming she was once an escort, a woman who has the nerve to refuse to leave her home, even though that refusal comes with a $50 million annual government handout for her security costs, these photographs take on a darker edge.

"They appear to be the documentation of changing seasons by a doomed recluse. Let the world fall down around her-she's not going anywhere."


Sometimes things on social media can slip past people on a large scale.

Instagram pictures paint your life in a very specific way, one that, from the outside, may make it look like you're having a great time, but in reality it's totally different.

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Twitch Has Suspended President Trump's Account

Twitch Has Suspended President Trump's Account

More and more people are well known thanks to things like nudity, travel, photography and memes, which are are common attractions to many people who use the picture sharing app.

One account, called louise.delage seemed to be one of those run-of-the-mill accounts that flaunts the user's lifestyle as well as photography skills in various scenic locations - but there's a bit more to it than meets the eye.

A post shared by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on

The account has nearly 50,000 followers and was actually created by French advertising agency BETC, who are working on behalf of Addict Aide.

Cleverly, they made the photos on the account look fun and targeted them towards teenagers so they'd follow and engage with the account. However, they made sure that every post included 'Louise' holding an alcoholic drink.

The aim of this was to show how easy it is to overlook alcohol addiction, as it can be easily camouflaged on social media.

"Hopefully the campaign has served as an eye-opener," the president of BETC told Adweek after revealing the campaign. "I hope they will contact Addict Aide or other local organizations working to help people struggling with addiction.

"Sometimes it seems like in this era, the more people stage their ideal life on social media, the more that serves to hide a not-so-ideal reality."

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