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Conor McGregor Quotes Ivan Drago In Latest Attempt To Rumble Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor Quotes Ivan Drago In Latest Attempt To Rumble Floyd Mayweather

At this point in the whole McGregor/Mayweather saga, everyone's wondering whether they're more bothered about the build up than the fight.

The interviews, the press conferences, the social media activity - is all of it more exciting than the bout? That remains to be seen, but as all of unfolds we'll enjoy it.

Unless you live under a rock you'll have noticed that Conor McGregor is frequently updating his Twitter and Instagram followers with clips and pictures of him training.

Recently 'The Notorious' uploaded another training vid, this time captioning it with the words of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV: "If he dies, he dies."


Credit: Twitter/Conor McGregor

Does this add to the intensity of the event, or just make it a bit more of a spectacle? People are leaning the latter side, claiming that entire thing is just a money spinner and will be more of a circus rather than a boxing match.

Anyhow, Conor's clearly seeing himself as the villain in this situation, quoting Rocky's nemesis, who beat Apollo Creed to such a bloody mess he was in critical condition, prompting his words.


By no stretch of the imagination do we think that, or (we assume) Conor thinks he'll be so on top he'll send Floyd to hospital fighting for his life, but it's good for publicity, init?

He followed up the video with a picture of him post-workout, this time letting people know that he's "built to run through people."

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McGregor has always made his self-belief clear, which was no more apparent when he revealed a freshly painted mural of him punching Mayweather in his gym.


Conor McGregor Arrested In Corsica

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The painting shows Conor landing a left hook as the former boxer's defence is left wide open, something experts believe won't happen.

He posted two pictures to Instagram in which the artwork appears, though without acknowledging it. The captions read: "I am a filthy Irish animal" and "Tunnel vision."


McGregor's coach John Kavanagh commissioned the artwork, and Subset, the people who put the painting up, claim it's there to further the fighter's visualisation.

"We have a great relationship with John Kavanagh and he graciously provided us with the opportunity of producing the artwork which is now the backdrop for Conor's preparations," Subset said.

"The artwork is a gift for John which will aid Conor with the visualization of his success."


Bring on August 26.

Featured Image Credit: MGM/PA

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