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Terrifying Footage Captures A 100-Foot Wave Crashing Into Ship

Terrifying Footage Captures A 100-Foot Wave Crashing Into Ship

Some people are at one with the ocean. The mysterious peril that befalls sailors, divers, surfers and other aqua inclined folk doesn't seem to be off putting, but rather more enthralling.

The thought of there being a deep void of nothingness, paired with the dangerous beasts that litter Earth's waters is just another reason to love it, as is the unpredictable nature of the water.


This 100ft wave, in the North Sea, is an example of that unpredictability. Footage from the top deck of a ship captures the ferocious wave towering over the vessel, before coming down on it.

Credit: YouTube/Global Leaks News

Most people would be terrified by what's in front of them, but the man behind the camera couldn't care less. In fact, he bloody loves it.

"That's fucking awesome," he shouts, as he comes face-to-face with impending doom.


As the wave breaks it nearly consumes the ship, which, thanks to its size is able to withstand the power of the wave. Had it been smaller, the story may have been very different.

Puts you off going on boats a bit, doesn't it?

As would this...

British tourist Kieran Dickson captured a 30 metre whirlpool on video while on holiday in Corfu, and it's quite something to behold.

It occurred just outside his hotel in the sea, and if you were there, you really wouldn't know how to react.

"It was so surreal seeing the whirlpool we caught the beginning of it where it formed before it continued through the village of Kassiopi," Kieran said. "I was so shocked I have never witnessed anything like this before and although it was probably something to be worried about it was amazing to witness."

Of course it's not the type of thing you expect when landing abroad, especially if you're from Scotland, home to some of the dreariest weather known to man.

Kieran alluded to this, writing "Left the sunshine in Scotland and arrived to this weather in Corfu!" with the video.

Apparently the whirlpool only lasted five minutes, but during that time sent all sorts of items into the air.

The phenomenon usually happens when opposing currents meet, where land juts out into a body of water.

When it comes to scary weather, Brits have a very specific way of dealing with it.

Back in 2016 a tornado rather unbelievably circled a small pub garden in Suffolk on a Saturday night. Believably, the patrons in the pub garden decided to finish their pints rather than panic because: Britain.

Reinhard Olbrich took this great photo of the rare phenomenon at The Dolphin Inn pub garden. It looks like something out of a movie but it was actually in the village of Thorpeness.

Some people are saying that it's actually a waterspout rather than a tornado, but still. Quite the sight when you're attempting to enjoy a pint on a warm evening.

Someone else managed to get a picture of the 'tornado' off the coast of Thorpeness. Clearly, it'd got bored of the pub beer garden.

Amy Youngs, manager of The Kitchen @ Thorpeness, told The Mirror: "It was muggy and stormy yesterday and we had all sorts of weather, but we've never seen a tornado over Suffolk before. We were stunned."

You and me both, Amy.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Global Leaks News

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