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First Bunnings Store Opening In The UK And Everyone's Buzzing For 'Sausage Sizzle'

First Bunnings Store Opening In The UK And Everyone's Buzzing For 'Sausage Sizzle'

Over here in Britain we can often find ourselves feeling envious of certain supermarkets and chains there are abroad.

On simple holidays to places like Spain we'll often find ourselves saying that things like their crisps are better, and if you end up in the States or Australia, you'll find that their selections of chocolates, sweets, fast food and pretty much anything else is generally superior to ours.


That's why people are a little bit excited for the opening of a Bunnings store in England. If you imagine if Ikea and B&Q had a baby, that's what Bunnings is.

Credit: Bunnings

You can probably remember the true sense of wonder and amazement upon entering a B&Q as a kid, hopping about the set up kitchens, home offices and pretending to know what all the DIY stuff your dad was chatting meant.

Bunnings is like that, but on steroids, and, it offers a 'sausage sizzle', which has got some mouths watering.


The new store opens its doors on Thursday in St Albans, Hertfordshire, featuring a 19,000 square foot garden centre, DIY workshop area, cafe and indoor children's playground, according to the Daily Mail.

The new Bunnings is replacing the Homebase on Griffiths Way, St Albans, which if you ask me is a massive upgrade.

The reaction to the store is a mixed bag, as only a few people know of the greatness of it, whereas others have never heard of it.

It seems that there's quite a buzz around the chain and its 'sausage sizzle', and I don't think we're in any position to be questioning Aussies - they've given us so much.

It is, essentially, just a hot dog with a slice of bread instead of a bun. Basically a haphazardly made sausage butty. But like I said, we're in no position to question Aussies.

In fact, they've given the world so much in the ways of entertainment that there's a day dedicated to them. January 26 is Australia day, and it's a reminder to the world just how great they can be.

We're fully aware that our friends on the other side of the world excel at live television interviews. What seems like a lifetime ago, a gentleman named Ray Grayham, later dubbed 'Barking Dog Man', did an impression of a few dangerous dogs that terrorised him.

Following in Ray's footsteps of delivering the unexpected on an Australian news channel, Corey Worthington stunned an anchor on 9News when he was asked about a party he hosted which got rather out of hand. Likened to the film Project X, Corey had a few mates over for some drinks before spreading the word and turning the event into a full-blown party.

Eventually, after 500 or so party-goers turned up, cars were smashed, property was ruined, and police, a riot squad, a dog team and helicopters were on the scene to shut it down. During a live interview, Corey seemed very unapologetic, and urged anyone who thought about throwing a party to contact him and let him organise it for them.

Credit: 9News

In another example, two friends of a man who was being questioned by Australian police did their best to worm their way into the category of Aussie cult heroes and they achieved their goal.

Their friend, a 'tradie', had run down a thief who attempted to steal his truck which was filled with his tools. After injuring the offender, he was then taken by police to iron out the details, while his mates spoke to The Project.

They claim his name is Tony Montana, as well as giving fake names for themselves. Then, when asked if their 'tradie' pal got all his 'gear' back, one replies: "His gear? Yeah, he got his pipe back, his bong, everything's back, man."

The people in The Bush are very courageous, and will do anything to help another out.

Television screens have been graced with those who have thrown caution to the wind in order to save someone or stop a crime.

Two mates, James Ross-Munro and Kane Wiblem, took time out of their sesh, dressed in nothing but boxers, to thwart an attempted robbery.

The pair appeared on Today to tell their story in hilarious fashion, seemingly not too bothered by the 'hero' status they were awarded. A highlight is when bearded James says that the only gym he's remotely interested in is Jim Bean.

Similar to James and Kane, Daniel McConnell also tried to resolve a crime while also only kitted out in his Bill Grundies.

Daniel chased someone who crashed into his mate's mum's fish and chip shop, and he was later interviewed to give his version of events.

Credit: Today


"I come outside in me jocks, and I seen old mate, and I said, 'oi, what are you doing here, mate? You gotta wait here,' and he's like, 'nah, nah, I fell asleep behind the wheel'," Daniel told TODAY reporter Jess Millward. "He's just started taking off, so I've run inside, jumped in me little purple car, and started chasing him up the street.

"He went down a side street, and I told the coppers he went down a side street, and they went and got him. I was just chasing him in me jocks."

What also never gets boring, and it's a damn shame that it's been forgotten about, is the drunken man who was 'just waiting for a mate'.

In a car which has blatantly been involved in some sort of collision, due to its broken front bumper, burst tires and cracked windscreen, a chap named Clinton sits, waiting for his mate, James. As to defer himself from any trouble, he insists to a police officer that he's done nothing wrong and that he's just patiently waiting for James.

Clinton insists that he's not been drinking, but when the officer tells him he can smell the alcohol on his breath he claims that it's okay because he's not even driving.

Eventually he blows a 181 on the breathalyzer, which, in simpler terms, means he's off his tits. It's a hell of a lot better than British police shows, which usually show some fella who's been pulled over for an out-of-date tax disc and it just so happens that a rather small amount of weed is tucked away in the glove box.

And while we're at it, Aussies, please don't change either. You're fucking great.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Bunnings

Mark McGowan

Mark is a journalist at LADbible, who joined in 2015 after a year as a freelance writer. In the past he blogged for independent football fan channel Redmen TV, after graduating from Staffordshire University with degrees in journalism and English literature. He has worked on campaigns such as UOKM8? and IIOC.


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First Bunnings Store Opening In The UK And Everyone's Buzzing For 'Sausage Sizzle'

First Bunnings Store Opening In The UK And Everyone's Buzzing For 'Sausage Sizzle'

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