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Video Allegedly Shows ISIS Fighter 'Winning' Chance To Be Next Suicide Bomber

Video Allegedly Shows ISIS Fighter 'Winning' Chance To Be Next Suicide Bomber

These days we do celebrate a lot of things. Sometimes it's the likes of a football match, which is something that is understandably cheered about. Other times it's convincing your mate to come to the pub with you, which isn't necessarily something to be rejoiced as much the following morning, but is still a joyous occasion.

Different traditions mean different things are considered celebration worthy, which is fine. However, this disturbing footage of a man celebrating after he 'wins' the chance to be ISIS's next suicide bomber is something really odd to behold.

In the propaganda video, it seems as if another ISIS fighter is holding out his hands, with two people ready to choose which hand he opens. When the jihadi picks his right hand, he reveals a stone. Straight after, the fighter celebrates with another man standing by.


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ISIS Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up In Mistaken Attack

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The 'winner' walks around smiling as other jihadis hug him and kiss his forehead.

The footage then cuts to an armoured car driving through a village before smoke is seen rising from behind a building from what looks like an attack.

No one is sure whether or not the man in the video has carried out a suicide attack, and for obvious reasons he's not available for comment.

It's believed that the video is being used to promote ISIS's 'cause', as fighters are beginning to abandon them. Can't think why.

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