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Woman Leaves Review After Finding Dead Baby Frog In Her Salad

Woman Leaves Review After Finding Dead Baby Frog In Her Salad

Can't blame her.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Now and again you might go out for food and be subject to unsatisfactory service, but usually you just slag it off under your breath, vowing never to return.

There are those occasions, however, when things are so bad that you attempt a tried and tested technique - trying to get free stuff.

Forget that what you've just eaten was rubbish, or if it took two hours to come, if you can get another free meal or more free drinks out of it, it's happening.

Pitifully though, staff offer you a truly dismal offer, such as a free non-alcoholic cocktail if you order between 8-9pm.

This woman was left feeling very disappointed with her meal at a Californian restaurant, and was offered a $50 gift card for her troubles. You might think that sounds quite good, but it's really, really not.

Known only as Shawna C, she posted to Yelp to leave a review of BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in West Covina after she found a dead frog in her salad. Yes, a dead frog.

Credit: Yelp/Shawna C

"I was about four bites into it and I noticed it tasted a little different," she wrote. "'I thought maybe the ranch dressing was a little bitter and after mixing the salad around some more I found a dead baby frog.

"Yes I said FROG! I've never experienced anything in my life like that."

The store manager offered her the gift card as compensation, the Daily Mail reports, but she quite rightfully declined, as it makes no sense to eat somewhere where dead frogs are served, even if it is for free.

Credit: Yelp/Shawna C

"He explained that there [sic] produce comes from a vendor but don't they wash there vegs before serving?" Shawna added. "I told him this frog could contain salmonella and who knows how long it's been sitting in a produce bag and he still made us pay for our drinks!"

You'd be well pissed off wouldn't you? And the obvious thing to do is to leave a scathing online review. That'll teach them!

General Manager of BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse Krysteen Romero replied to the review, saying: "We take situations like this very seriously and have launched an internal investigation including discussions with our suppliers and distributors."

The damage is done, Krysteen. Shawna updated her review saying that she was annoyed that the restaurant failed to respond until a week later, even after commenting on ones posted after hers.

Featured Image Credit: Yelp/Shawna C