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Woman Shares Results Of Being 1,000 Days Heroin Free

Woman Shares Results Of Being 1,000 Days Heroin Free

A woman has shared a before-and-after photo of herself after being 1,000 days heroin free.

She posted the picture to Reddit and received thousands of comments to congratulate her on her progress, while they also shared their stories about getting drug-free and offering support.


She wrote: "You might not be able to see the difference but I can. In the pic with me with blonde hair I was miserable.

"I had just left my fellow junkie boyfriend and was withdrawing. My mom encouraged me to get pizza with her, and she was so excited to see me she snapped that photo.

"I remember being so shitty to her, even though she was just happy to see her daughter.

Credit: Reddit/DisregardThisOrDont


"My drug addiction at this point had fully taken over any thought that came through my brain.

"I had cut off all my hair and bleached it to a crisp. I had picked and plucked until my eyebrows were about gone and I had sores the size of dimes.

"I isolated myself and hardly ate (hint at how thin I was). I remember not being able to even look at the pizza and ordering a rather expensive shitty alcoholic beverage because I needed to not feel like shit and what did it matter if my mom was paying.

"The picture on the right is a whole different person completely. That's a person who loves herself.

"I've grown out my hair, stopped picking myself until I draw blood, and while I'm not as thin as I'd like, I'm healthy!

"Also, that is a girl celebrating her anniversary with her significant other who saw her when she was at her worst and trying to better herself."

This isn't the first progress picture from DisregardThisOrDont. Eight months ago, she shared this shocking before and after:

Credit: Reddit/DisregardThisOrDont

Heroin is highly addictive and users can get hooked pretty quickly. Those who take the drug leave themselves open to a huge number of problems.

According to Frank, overdoses are common, and can lead to death. Users can also choke to death on their own vomit and, because heroin is often injected and addicts share needles, the risk of infections such as HIV and Hep C is greatly increased.

Injecting the drug also has a massive impact on a user's veins and can cause gangrene, in which a body part, usually a limb, toe or finger, 'dies' while still being attached to the body and has to be removed. Very grim.

Heroin is the hardest drug to quit, according to the Dream Centre for Recovery.

And if users try to stop heroin 'cold turkey' they'll experience a horrible set of withdrawal symptoms, including extreme pain, sweating and nausea.

Doctors have a number of ways to help get people clean. One of these methods includes taking an opiate substitute, such as methadone, as well as 'blockers' which stop heroin from giving the user any high.

If you need help with drug addiction, you can talk to Frank online, or call 0300 123 6600.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / Creative Commons

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Woman Shares Results Of Being 1,000 Days Heroin Free

Woman Shares Results Of Being 1,000 Days Heroin Free

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