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WWE Legend Elected As Lawmaker Alongside Donald Trump

WWE Legend Elected As Lawmaker Alongside Donald Trump

"Politician by day, professional wrestler by night."

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Donald Trump isn't the only person enjoying election success today, as a certain WWE legend has also been voted into office.

Terrance Guido Gerin, better known by the moniker of Rhyno, will now serve in the Michigan Legislature after beating Democrat Abdullah Hammoud for an open state house district in Dearborn.

According to his website, the wrestler, who made 'The Gore' famous in both ECW and WWE, is a 'politician by day' and a 'professional wrestler by night'.

The 41-year-old veteran of hardcore is currently holding one of the SmackDown tag team championship belts with in-ring partner Heath Slater.

WWE appears to be somewhat of a theme in this year's US elections, as Trump himself sits in the Hall of Fame following his feud with Vince McMahon back in 2007.

Can we all let that sink in, by the way? The 70-year-old once stood in the middle of a Wrestlemania ring, shaving Vinny Mac's head with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bobby Lashley after he'd clotheslined the owner of the WWE. He's also the first president to have received a Stone Cold Stunner.

Rhyno will reportedly make somewhere in the region of $72,000 (£58,000) a year as a lawmaker.

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